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Water Treatment in Minnesota

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The Kinetico Difference

Kinetico Solutions for Every Water Problem

At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we offer a variety of products and systems to improve the quality of your water and add convenience to your life.

Here are Kinetico systems that are commonly used by homeowners and business owners throughout Minnesota.

Water Softeners in MN

water softener

Minnesota water can be very hard and often filled with iron deposits. Learn how Kinetico water softeners can provide soft, pure water that will look, smell and taste better. Better for your hair, skin, laundry, dishes and appliances.

Drinking Water Systems in MN

Many Minnesotans have issues with their drinking water. Kinetico has solutions for creating safe, clean and delicious drinking water free of harmful contaminants. Kinetico also offers specialty filters for extra problematic water. 

Water Filtration Systems in MN

water filtration

Treat all the water in your home with a whole house reverse osmosis system. These energy effecient systems can filter and condition all the water flowing through your home’s plumbing system and fixtures. Find out how great Kinetico water can be.

Specialty Filters In MN

Kinetico offers a variety of water filtration solutions:

  • Dechlorinator
  • Iron / Odor filters
  • Tannin systems
  • Nitrate systems
  • Arsenic filtration
  • PFOAs removal

Commercial Water Filtration in MN

Water filtration and conditioning solutions for many industries:

Restaurant & food service
Hospitality, hotels, resorts
Agriculture, farms
Car washes
Breweries, wineries 
Metal plating

Salt Free Water Softeners in MN

Unlike conventional models that use salt, Kinetico’s specialty solutions can protect your plumbing fixtures from damaging scale buildup. 

Salt free
No chemicals
No electricity


Water Problems We Solve

The water in Minnesota isn’t perfect. There are a number of issues with our water depending on where in the state you live. 

Some issues are easily corrected with a water softener and water filtration. In some parts of the state the water could need additional treatment options. Kinetico has a solution for all water problems. Aquarius can build a custom solution tailored for your home. 


Chlorine in your drinking water can cause water to smell and taste funny. It can also can cause drying of your skin, hair and cause serious health issues when consumed in large concentrations. 

Hard Water

Hard water can cause a host of issues from drying out skin and hair to leaving soap scum and mineral deposits on surfaces throughout the home. Minnesota and Wisconsin have some of the hardest water in the country.


Iron in your home’s water can produce an orange color and taste bad. In addition to leaving rust stains in your sinks, toilets and fixtures, iron can make water, coffee and tea taste metallic.


Chemicals from the production of consumer products have tainted gournd water in many communities. Kinetico is the only treatment system that can effectively eliminate PFOAs and PFOS


Hydrogen sulfide in your drinkng water can cause a very unpleasant smell and taste.  The “rotten egg” smell is a tell-tale sign of hydrogen sulfide.


Manganese may harm brain development in infants and younger children. Manganese can also cause discoloration, laundry and appliance staining and an unpleasant taste in your water.


Tannins in drinking water can leave a funny aftertaste. Tannins are commonly found in well water in rural areas and are caused by decaying vegetation seeping into the ground water.


Arsenic in your drinking water can be a serious problem over time. It is very important that you test your water to know how much arsenic may be present. Arsenic is prominent in well water across the region and occurs naturally.

Bacteria & Viruses

Make sure that your drinking water is 100% free from bacteria, viruses and other single cell organisms. Our water treatment products can safeguard against the tiniest microbes and microorganisms.

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I’ve noticed that many people ignore their water unless it’s causing a visible problem. But having good, clean water impacts the quality of their lives.

More and more people seem to understand that and are interested in improving their water now. Kinetico can help.

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