Water Softening Services in St. Paul MN

Does Your St. Paul Home Need A Water Softener?

Water Softeners St Paul MN | Water Treatment MinnesotaWe recently worked with a couple from St. Paul who found that their water was hard and it was doing damage to the pipes and drains because of the excess calcium in the St. Paul area. They decided to call us at Aquarius because of our expertise in the matter as well as our great prices. We explained how softening the water would help reduce the damage caused by the hard water and calcium deposits. There are a few different St Paul water softeners available so we took a few minutes to review the options with them.

When it comes to water conditioning in St. Paul, we always recommend the water softeners made by Kinetico. Kinetico has some of the best, and they are always a good option. We suggested the Kinetico Premier Series, which was awarded “best buy” multiple years in a row by Consumers Digest. The Kinetico Premier Series is a water softener that is more efficient than all previous Kinetico systems. It is a high-flow system that has multiple tanks so it will supply a continuous amount of soft and clean water. After reviewing some of the options the couple decided to go with the Kinetico Premier water conditioning system.

Call Aquarius for Water Softening Services in Saint Paul

We helped with the installation of the water softener and made sure that they were set up with everything necessary to remove the hard water and calcium deposits from their home. Now that the water softener is in place, they can enjoy the taste of their water the way it was meant to be. Over the years we have provided many people in the St. Paul area with water softener systems that help increase the safety of drinking water in their homes. For any water softener or conditioning problems in Saint Paul, we encourage you to give us a call here at Aquarius.