Water Softening Services for the Twin Cities MN

Are You In The Twin Cities and Need a Water Softener?

Quality Water in the Twin CitiesIf you live in the Twin Cities area, then you know that the water is not always the best for drinking. Recently we worked with a Twin Cities homeowner who was tired of the hard water which was staining the porcelain, clogging faucet screens, and leaving stains on their tub. They called us and asked if there was any solution for the hard water in their home. We suggested that they install a water softener. A water softener would make the drinking water clear and healthy again and would reduce the stains on their porcelain and tub as well. We explained that through water conditioning techniques, we would make their water much safer to drink.

After discussing their options for a while the homeowner decided to go with the K5 drinking water system. This is one of the best water softeners around in the Twin Cities, made by Kinetico. It can produce over 40 gallons of water each day, which is three times the average of other water conditioners. Once the decision had been made we ordered the K5, and when it arrived we returned to the home and took care of their Twin Cities water conditioning system installation.

For Better Quality Water in the Twin Cities, Call Aquarius for Water Softening Service

The Twin Cities homeowner was extremely happy with the results and said that it made a world of difference in the look and taste of their water. If the water in your home seems too hard then you may want to give Aquarius a call. We have worked with many others just like you, and helped them with their own water softener installations. We care a lot about our customers in the Twin Cities and we will always do everything in our power to make the water in your home the best that it can be.