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How Do Water Softeners Work?

We know that water softeners work to eliminate harsh dissolved minerals that make water hard, but what exactly does that mean? In it’s simplest form, your hard water system works in two steps: water softening, followed by system regeneration. Let’s take a deeper look at what those two steps entail.

How Do Water Softeners Work? | Water Softeners Minneapolis | Aquarius Water Conditioning

Step 1: Water Softening

  • Hard water is funneled into the softening system at its point of entry. That way, it can be properly treated before it’s filtered throughout your home.
  • The water travels down into the resin bed, which Is full of tiny beads that are charged with sodium. Think of the resin bed as the gravel bottom of a fish tank — but better!
  • Now the bartering begins! In order for your water to leave behind the calcium and magnesium that causes it to become hard, a scientific trade must occur. As water flows through the resin beads it will swap it’s dissolved, hard water minerals for sodium instead.
  • Without those minerals, your water has now been successful softened and is ready to be pumped into your home for use.

Step 2: System Regeneration

  • Now that the hard minerals have been transferred to the resin beads, it’s time to recharge them with sodium to prepare for the next wave of hard water.
  • The second section or component to your water softener is the brine tank. This holds a brine or salt solution, that is used to strip the resin beads of harsh minerals.
  • The brine solution is pumped backward through the resin bed, flushing out the minerals and swapping them back for sodium instead.
  • When the solution completes its cycle, it’s drained from the machine with the hard minerals in tow, and your system is now ready to soften water all over again.

Are you interested in learning more about how you and your family can benefit from installing an in-home water softening system? If so, don’t hesitate to give the water treatment experts at Aquarius Water Conditioning a call! Our technicians are ready and willing to provide you with a complimentary water analysis and explain each option you have to help bring the softest, most pure water into your home day-in and day-out.

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