Tannins in Water

Tannins in your water supply can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Improve the taste and color of your water with Aquarius.

Issues with Tannins in Water


Water that gives off a dull yellow or brownish color may contain a high concentration of tannins. Because they're common in swamps, marshes, and other bodies of water, they can make your drinking water taste tart, swampy, marshy, or earthy.


Although government agencies monitor several contaminants in drinking water, tannins are not one of them. Tannins are considered a secondary drinking water standard, meaning these are only recommendations about the color of drinking water.


Tannins can not only turn your drinking water into an unpleasant yellow color, but they can also stain other household items. Tannins can create yellowish stains in bathtubs, sinks, or toilet fixtures, as well as your clothes, towels, and sheets after doing laundry.


Because tannins are commonly found in marshy areas or lakes from decaying vegetation, residents of Minnesota or Wisconsin commonly find them in their water supply. This is especially true during the summer when plants decay faster, but it also applies in the winter.

Need to Eliminate Tannins in Water?

A leader in water filtration and conditioning, Kinetico products are designed to safely remove tannins from your home’s water supply. 

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Frequently asked questions

Tannins are an organic substance that can develop naturally as water passes through decaying vegetation. They’re common in swamps, marshes, and other bodies of water.

Tannins do not pose any serious threat to your health as other natural contaminants like manganese or iron. Therefore, the EPA and other government agencies do not enforce recommendations on the concentration of tannins in municipal water supplies. 

These recommendations are not enforced by any government agency. However, tannins can make your life miserable, as they can cause your water to taste bitter or tart, and can stain your appliances and laundry.

A tannin filtration system from Kinetico can help you effectively remove tannins from your home. Remember, every home is different, which means you may require one or multiple Kinetico products to help enhance the quality of your water. This is where a free, in-home water analysis can help you choose the right filtration solution, so you’re always left with clean, crisp, and clear water.

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