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Kinetico Premier Series

The Most Efficient and Effective Water Softener

Kinetico Premier Water Softeners
Kinetico Premier Seriers

The Kinetico Premier Series of water softeners are the most advanced water conditioning systems available. Made for homes with the most challenging water conditions.

Do You Have Hard Water?

Kinetico Premier is the Solution

The upper midwest certainly has challenging water. But no matter how bad the water is, nothing is a match for the Kinetico Premier Series Water Softener.


World's most efficient water softeners

Precise, Efficient Operation

Powered by the kinetic energy of moving water, not electricity, these cutting-edge water softeners are designed to treat the hardest water on the planet and iron deposits. Additional options can tackle chlorine in the drinking water.


Premier Series systems regenerate at any time of the day or night to ensure you will always have a supply of soft water. One tank is always in service while the other tank is either on standby or regenerating, so you will never run out of soft water.

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Designed for family homes, Premier Series softeners deliver generous flow rates, delivering soft water on demand. The multi-tank system provides a constant and reliable supply of clean, soft water with no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace. It just works


The Kinetico Premier Series Water Softeners systems can be calibrated to your exact water conditions by locally trained experts, eliminating waste and saving money in the long run.

With a strong 10-year warranty behind it, you can rest assured that the Premier Series will provide you with soft, clean water for years to come.

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Kinetico Dealer Near You

Since 1987 Aquarius Home Services have provided thousands of people in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas with water purification systems that help increase the safety of drinking water in their homes.

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My Kinetico water system is the best thing I’ve done for my cabin. The water was hideous and now it’s clean and safe to drink. Kinetico is a game changer!

Paul Lambert