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Kinetico Water Softener
Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener

Water Filtration & Water Softeners for Every Type of Water

Experience better water in your home, every day. Our Kinetico line of products are the industry leader in tackling water problems of all kinds. Whether you are on city water or private well water, we have a system to provide clean, better tasting H2O.

Drinking Water Stations

Give your family fresh, clean and great-tasting water free from contaminants and chemicals.

Water Softeners

Clean, soft dependable water. Easy maintenance. Built for the hardest water in the Midwest.

Whole House Filtration

Get perfect water for the whole house. Reverse osmosis delivers amazing water at every faucet.

Specialty Filters

Kinetico offers solutions for every type of water challenge. Sulfur, Arsenic, Chlorine, PFOAs and more.

Saltless Water Softeners

Get premium soft water without the hassle of salt or harsh chemicals. 

Maintenance Plans

Worry-free maintenance with our service partner plans. Put your water maintenance on autopilot.

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