manganese in Drinking water

High amounts of manganese in your water supply may be dangerous to your health. An advanced water filtration system can help!

Issues with Manganese in Water

Did you know…that our bodies need manganese to survive? This essential mineral is found in foods like whole grains, nuts, and leafy veggies. But too much of a good thing can cause serious side effects to your family’s health and home.

manganese Can stain

Water can contain iron or manganese, which can cause rusty-orange or black staining. You'll see the stains on clothes, fixtures, sinks, tubs, kitchen appliances and inside toilets.

manganese can be harmful

Manganese in water can be harmful in large amounts, leading to serious health issues, such as cognitive impairments like memory and attention issues (or worse). It is especially harmful for children and infants.

manganese can Damage Pipes

Over time, manganese can wreak havoc on your piping, which can cause scaling buildup on your plumbing—costing you time and money on expensive repairs.

Manganese Is Found in MN & WI

High levels of manganese continue to affect states across the upper Midwest. As an element that is mined, Manganese already contaminates groundwater throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. It's frequently tested for in municipal water systems.

Need to Eliminate Manganese from Your Water?

A leader in water filtration and conditioning, Kinetico products are designed to safely remove manganese from your drinking water supply. 


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Frequently asked questions

Manganese is a naturally occurring trace mineral that can materialize in soil and rocks. It’s typically found in combination with other elements like iron. Traces of manganese are located in groundwater wells or surface water.

One of our outstanding team members will travel to your home to perform a comprehensive analysis of your drinking water. We will then give you a complete breakdown of what contaminants reside in your water supply, allowing us to create a customized plan that will improve the quality of your drinking water and keep your family safe!

According to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), manganese is considered harmful to consume if it is above the recommended amount of 300 μg/L. However, if you have an infant (under the age of one) who drinks tap water or uses formula that contains water from a tap, anything above 100 μg/L is considered dangerous. 

A tiny amount of the stuff is helpful for bone and blood health as well as reducing inflammation within the body. Although we need a little manganese, getting too much of it, especially from drinking water, can create serious issues.

Consuming more than the recommended amount of manganese (above 300 μg/L for adults: above 100 μg/L for infants) over a long period of time can put you at risk of serious health issues. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), these may include:

  • Problems with memory
  • Problems with attention
  • Problems with motor skills

Infants may develop learning or behavior issues—which is why it’s especially important that you get your home’s water supply tested.

Water contaminated with manganese can cause even bigger issues for infants and young children, stunting their growth and development.

The Minnesota Department of Health considers 300 micrograms of manganese per liter of water (µg/L) or less safe for those above 1 year of age. For infants under 1 year of age, the safe amount is 100 µg/L or less. 

Manganese is most dangerous in drinking water, and it does not pose the same risks in bath and shower water. Even if you don’t drink water from the tap, it’s important that you get your home’s manganese problem taken care of quickly to maintain the integrity of your plumbing and appliances.

Yes! A reverse osmosis filtration system by Kinetico can safely remove traces of manganese and other contaminants in your home’s water supply. 

Because every home is different, you may decide on one or multiple Kinetico products to help enhance your home with clean, fresh water for drinking, bathing, and running your appliances. This is where a free, in-home water analysis can help you choose the right water filtration solution.

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