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We Fix Problem Water In Mora

When it comes to pure water, Aquarius Water Conditioning has been providing solutions to Mora, MN for many years. Our detail-oriented approach starts with a free in-home water analysis that allows us to pinpoint exactly what is in your home or business’ water supply.

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Dealing with Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem for many Minnesota homes, especially in the Mora area. While this mineral-rich water may taste appealing, it can wreak havoc on your clothes, your appliances, sinks and fixtures, and even your skin and hair. If you have hard water, you’ve probably noticed the signs already:

  • Stains on your dishes and in your sinks, tubs and toilets
  • Washer, dryer, dishwasher, and other appliances becoming less efficient
  • Your hair feels damaged and brittle
  • Your skin feels dry after a shower
  • Your clothes start fading with every wash and your towels feel stiff

Thankfully, hard water is easy to treat. With water softening solutions available for your entire home through our innovative Kinetico systems, you and your appliances can get back to life as usual—with cool, crisp, quality water.

What Iron Does to Your Water

Iron is one of the most common metals found in Minnesota’s water sources. Whether you use city water or well water, this natural metal can finds its way into your tap.

Typically, this happens either through seeping but could also be corrosion. Seeping is simply the process of rainwater seeping through the ground, collection metals and minerals (including iron) as it makes its way into your natural water source. Corrosion, however, comes from the pipes your water travels through.

If your pipes are made of iron, the combination of water and oxygen passing through them can lead to rust. The rust then breaks off in fragments, entering your water and inevitably your tap.

While the iron in your water isn’t dense enough to cause health concerns, it can cause several frustrations, including stubborn, brown stains on your tub and sink, and buildup in your pipes.

Iron also gives your water a metallic flavor, which can reduce the quality of your food and drinks. To remove it from your water, you need a quality water filtration system.

Water Odor: What Causes It and How to Eliminate It

Smelly water can be a cause for concern for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s unpleasant. However, depending on the cause, it could be a sign of something potentially hazardous to your health.

If your water is giving off an odor, it’s important to get it checked. Aquarius offers a free in-home water analysis upon request. We can stop by at your convenience to identify what is in your water, as well as provide a quote for a solution to remedy it.

Typically, sulfur is the culprit. Homes with sulfur contaminated water liken the odor to the smell of rotten eggs.

If this is the case, we have whole home and drinking water solutions to help you filter this out of your water source. It may also require tactics such as shocking your well seasonally or even a new well.

However, there are also other causes for odor. If you find your water giving off more of a sewage or wet dog odor, this could be caused by bacteria, in which case you would want to eliminate it at its source.