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Aquarius Home Services, Kinetico

1321 Andover Blvd NE, Unit 110
Ham Lake, Minnesota 54115

Phone: 651-777-0448


Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Now Open in Ham Lake, MN!

Aquarius Home Services has been proudly serving the northern Twin Cities Metro since our founding, but now we have added a new location in Ham Lake to make serving you even easier! We stock a full selection of filters and salt to keep your Kinetico water systems at peak performance. We also provide water softeners, water filtration, water treatment, drinking water systems, HVAC, and other homeowner needs.

Aquarius takes the time to learn about the water problems your family is facing. That way, we can recommend the most efficient, effective, and economical water treatment solutions for your home.

Aquarius Home Services
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Chris Roche was my technician for my service. He was awesome. He gave me some options on adding a secondary faucet in my downstairs room. Usually another faucet for an R/O system is really expensive. He found me an option that saved me 150.00 including install. He did all the chemistry work and it was installed and ready to go when I returned from work. He is truly a professional in your company. 5 stars is all I can say. Chris, thank you for helping me get the best water I've ever had, being I have an iron heavy well.
ken benser
ken benser
Excellent knowledgeable technologists who were also efficient
Bette Clemenson
Bette Clemenson
Nick's service work was great today. Professional and experienced, thank you.
Darren Fenster
Darren Fenster
Joe did a fantastic job as usual. He always takes the time needed to answer any questions.
Fran Manka
Fran Manka
Installation of generator involving natural gas plumbing and electrical work went very smoothly and was completed FAST! Must've been around 2 weeks from my initial call to my plumbing inspection by the city.
Great company and very fast at installation.Definitely recommend
The Aquarius technician was very courteous, did a great job in explaining the RO filter installation and answering our questions, and was very thorough to clean up after the installation. The system works great!
Randy Nelson
Randy Nelson
Aquarius is the best. This was a scheduled water heater service.
Tom Holden
Tom Holden
Great service, very helpful.
Jesse Carey
Jesse Carey
Matt was on time, very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend Matt. Thank you Matt
Wendy Griffin
Wendy Griffin
Nick was very helpful. He gave tips to help us extend the life of our system and make sure we understand how to use to properly. He was easy to talk to and very kind!
Abbey Gustafson
Abbey Gustafson
We have had a fantastic service experience with Aquarius. Even when we have had any issues with our water system, their white glove service is immediately available to help correct issues. Very impressed with both the equipment and the support their team provides.
Todd DeFreece
Todd DeFreece

Our Services

We’ve been helping families in the North Metro area with reverse osmosis, water softeners, water filtration, and repair for over 30 years. We also now offer a wide range of other home services such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. 

Water Softeners
Water Filtration
Water Treatment
Drinking Water Systems


Heating & Cooling


Our Ham Lake office proudly provides service to the following communities in Minnesota

  • Anoka, MN
  • Andover, MN
  • Blaine, MN
  • Coon Rapids, MN
  • Champlin, MN
  • East Bethel, MN
  • Ramsey, MN
  • St. Francis, MN
  • Isanti, MN
  • Cambridge, MN
  • Forest Lake, MN
  • Stacy, MN

Do You Have Hard Water?​

Hard water is the most common nuisance for home and business owners in Lyon County. It impacts everything in your home, from the efficiency of your appliances to your own skin and hair. While hard water may not have an undesirable taste, the dense amount of dissolved minerals in hard water can wreak havoc upon your pipes and appliances while leaving behind an annoying residue.


  • Notice your clothes fading with every wash?
  • How about stains on your dishes, or in your sinks, toilets and tubs?
  • Are your appliances not working as efficiently as they used to?
  • Is your skin dry and your hair brittle no matter how many times you change soap and shampoos?

If so, you likely have a hard water problem. With a quick in-home water test, Aquarius can pinpoint what is causing your water problems and offer the best water softening or purification solution for your concerns.

The Challenge of Iron and Manganese

Arsenic is a common problem in Minnesota waters. It sounds terrifying. After all, arsenic is toxic… right? The truth is that it depends on how much you are exposed to, and for how long.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring metalloid found in rocks and soil that can dissolve and make its way into your water supply. We see it most often in well water, since the source comes from natural groundwater.

The Minnesota Department of Health states that existing monitoring data has shown approximately 10% of all Minnesota wells contain natural arsenic levels of at least 10 micrograms per liter. To be lethal, a person must ingest anywhere between 70,000 to 180,000 micrograms of arsenic in a single dose. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t long-term effects due to drinking water contaminated with arsenic, even if it is in small doses.

Health problems generated from long-term consumption of arsenic include: High blood pressure, Nervous system problems, Reduced intelligence in children, Circulatory diseases, Diabetes, Skin problems, Increased risk of cancer. The level of risk varies from individual to individual, but effects like these take years to develop. It’s best to avoid exposure to arsenic when possible.


I’ve noticed that many people ignore their water unless it’s causing a visible problem. But having good, clean water impacts the quality of their lives.

More and more people seem to understand that and are interested in improving their water now. Kinetico can help.

Mike Holmes

DIY Network