Water Testing For Contaminants In Mora, MN

Many homeowners don’t think about water testing for contaminants in Mora, MN. But it’s a big deal for those concerned about water quality in their homes. An Aquarius Water Conditioning expert can check your water for a wide range of contaminants. While we can’t test for everything, we can give you a good idea of what types of issues might exist. Once we do that, we’ll show you how to address those issues once and for all. If there’s something we can’t do, we can help you send a sample to a state-certified laboratory for further testing. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on and what we can do about it.

What if You Have a Private Well?

Water Testing For Contaminants In Mora MNYou must have your water checked periodically if you get yours from a municipal water supply. But it’s critical if you have a private well. The reason is that well water can contain a lot of problematic – and possibly even dangerous – kinds of contaminants. Here are just a few of them, along with how often you should test for them.

  • Arsenic – check once a year
  • Coliform bacteria – check once a year
  • Lead – check at least once a year, possibly more
  • Manganese – check if you’re expecting a baby because too much of this mineral could potentially harm their development
  • Nitrates – check once every two years

The Dangers of Arsenic in Well Water

Unfortunately, arsenic in well water is an extremely dangerous – and far too common – occurrence. Not only is the chemical used in mining operations, but also in pesticides. There is even arsenic in seemingly harmless soil and rocks. When it leaches out and dissolves in water, it might find itself into your well – and eventually into your home.

Thankfully, Aquarius Water Conditioning has a wide variety of water filtration systems from Kinetico Water Systems. They not only get rid of arsenic but also other kinds of contaminants. 

Choose a Kinetico system that will take care of potentially dangerous contaminants once and for all. Kinetico carries several different systems, so it will also be essential to turn to Aquarius Water Conditioning to install the one that will meet your specific needs.

Please don’t ignore water testing. Some contaminants are more of an annoyance than anything. They may cause a little itchiness, make skin and hair dry, and that’s about it. That’s not the case with arsenic. If you have arsenic in your water, that could lead to severe health problems. 

Not only can this chemical be linked to respiratory problems, but it can also cause serious heart problems. If children ingest water with arsenic, they could also face issues with their mental and physical development.

Let Us Give You Peace of Mind

The experts with Aquarius Water Conditioning are ready to take care of your water testing for contaminants in Mora, MN, whether you get your water from a well or the municipal supply. Just use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment, or call 888-741-9025.

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We love our Kinetico whole-home water treatment system.  No residue around our faucets.  No smelly well water.  My wife loves what Kinetico water does for her hair and skin and the Sherck boys LOVE the Kinetico K5 Drinking System (They fill their water bottles before hockey and soccer practices).

Clean, healthy, great-tasing water.  That is Kinetico!”

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