Water Testing Detroit Lakes, MN

If you have any reason to believe there’s a problem with your drinking water, schedule water testing in Detroit Lakes, MN, with Aquarius Water Conditioning as soon as possible. While we can’t test for every possible contaminant, we can test for most of them. Once we perform your test, we’ll be able to recommend the very best solution to give you true peace of mind.

A Possible Solution

Water Testing Detroit Lakes, MN

Say your drinking water has a strange taste, or you’re tired of having itchy skin every time you take a shower. A water test can help you determine why this is happening so that we can come up with the answer to your problem.

That answer could very well be the K5 Reverse Osmosis Water System, which is manufactured by the industry leader in water filtration and softener products, Kinetico. The K5 will do such a fantastic job of getting rid of contaminants that you’ll have water that’s nearly 100 percent pure – 99.9 percent, to be exact. When you stack the K5 up against any other reverse osmosis (RO) system available, you’ll quickly see that there is no comparison. The K5 is not only more effective, but it’s also more reliable.

Some people would rather have a few minerals in their water. After all, there are a lot of minerals that can benefit the body. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider the Mineral Plus feature of the K5 system. This feature will allow some minerals to remain in your water while filtering others out. An Aquarius Water Conditioning expert can tell you more about this and other options available with the K5.

Free Water Analysis

Aquarius will come to your home and test your water for a variety of issues such as contaminants, hardness, minerals, chlorine, sediment and more. For Free. No obligation. Learn what is in your home’s water today.

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Reverse Osmosis – A Quick Primer

You probably didn’t click on this page to get an in-depth science lesson. That’s what it would take to explain how Reverse Osmosis works. But it’s important that you at least know some of the basics.

Let’s say you have a full glass of water in front of you. A filter, or membrane, splits the glass in half. On one side of that membrane is water mixed with salt. On the other is just plain water.

The plain water moves through the membrane, reducing the salt content of water on the other side. As more plain water gets through, that further dilutes the salt/water mix. This creates a state known as “osmotic pressure.” This is the process of osmosis.

RO, as the name implies, is the reverse of osmosis. You accomplish RO by counteracting the osmotic pressure process. This is precisely what you do every time you turn on a faucet. As the water moves through the membrane, RO traps contaminants. Fresh water comes out – or at least it’s supposed to come out.

The water test will help us determine what kind of K5 system will be best for your home, should you choose this route. For example, say a certified lab test shows that you have some VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in your drinking water, such as chemicals that could potentially be dangerous. The K5 has a VOC Guard that can eliminate them. If a test shows viruses or bacteria, you’ll want the K5 Purefecta Guard.

Schedule water testing in Detroit Lakes, MN, by contacting Aquarius Water Conditioning online or calling 888-741-9025.

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