Water Softener Maintenance Minnesota

If you ever need water softener maintenance in Minnesota, the experts with Aquarius Water Conditioning will be more than ready to help. Our professionals are incredibly familiar with a wide range of water softeners, and we’ll be able to keep yours running smoothly for years to come. If we see a problem, we can fix it effectively and efficiently, or we can recommend a new softener made by Kinetico, the industry leader in water purification products.

Water Softener Maintenance Minnesota

But what if you’re the do-it-yourself type? While we would never suggest that you should try to repair a water softener on your own, we can show you some DIY tips. Here are just a few to keep in mind.

Check the Salt Regularly

The brine tank on your softener is where the salt goes. If your unit is usually working, it should only require a refill every couple of months. But it definitely won’t hurt to check it sooner. All you need to do is open the tank’s lid, ensuring that the salt is covered in water. If the water level is low or the salt is dry, you’ll need to refill it with more salt.

No matter how old your water softener is, this will be necessary, but it will be even more important if your unit is ten years or older.

Make Sure the Salt is High Quality

The bad news is that you can’t use salt in a water softener. You have to use high-quality salt. The good news is that quality salt isn’t costly. Consider purchasing evaporated salt pellets, which are extremely pure. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions call for block salt, never use it.

Cleaning the Brine Tank

This is one of the best forms of preventive maintenance you can perform. If the tank is almost out of salt, scoop out what’s left. If the salt looks sort of like sludge, that means the softener is dirty and will need a thorough cleaning.

You might notice that this sludge is hard to get out. All you should need to do will be to use a stick to pry it out gently. If a good stick isn’t handy, try using a broom handle. Once the sludge is out, use a brush, water, and detergent to clean the rest of the tank.

Know How to Spot the Signs of Trouble

A few things will tell you it will be time to call a professional for water softener repair. First, if you have a problem getting your soap to lather enough when you take a shower, that’s one pretty obvious sign. That probably means that your water is turning hard due to an accumulation of calcium and magnesium.

Other signs of hard water include clothes being stiffer than normal when you take them out of the washing machine, scale buildup in your sink or tub, and water that tastes significantly different. In addition, if your softener regenerates on a different schedule than expected, that could also be a problem.

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