Water Softener Installation Companies St Paul, MN

If you want to work with the undisputed leader among water softener installation companies in St. Paul, MN, you want to work with Aquarius Water Conditioning. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years because we know how to treat people, and we carry the very best products available. Our company is incredibly proud to offer Kinetico water softeners, which are the highest performing products for the price.

Water Softener Installation Companies St Paul, MNWe’re also passionate about ensuring complete customer satisfaction. When you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about us trying to sell you something you don’t need. Unfortunately, not all water softener installers can honestly say that.

Choosing a Water Softener

Most homes in the St. Paul area have hard water, making it difficult to have clean dishes. Even worse, it can lead to skin irritation and damage to pipes and appliances. But to make sure you have the best softener for your home, you should first get in touch with Aquarius Water Conditioning to schedule a free water test. We’ll check your water quality and tell you which Kinetico water softener will be the best choice for whatever issues you’re considering.

It can be a little challenging to choose the best water softener. If you are the only one in your home, you’ll use a lot less water than a family of four or more. To get a general idea of what size of system will be best for your needs, simply check your water bill. It will show you the total amount of water you used the previous month. Divide that number by 30 (the average number of days in a month), and you’ll have a general idea of your average daily usage.

But the main factor that will determine what size of system – and what kind of system – you need will be the severity of your hard water issues. Is there sediment in your water heater? Do you notice limescale buildup on any of your appliances? When you take them out of your dishwasher, do you see large spots on your drinking glasses?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you should get in touch with Aquarius Water Conditioning. We’ll send an expert to your home and perform an accurate test. We’ll then recommend the water softener that will work best for your hard water issues.

Unmatched Warranties

Another reason people turn to us is that our warranties can’t be topped. You won’t have to worry about games from us, such as fine print that excludes certain types of parts. Many other companies will do just that, excluding parts that are more likely to break down.

Also, our warranties are transferrable. If you purchase a new home, the new owners will be covered. That could make it a lot easier to sell your existing home. You can also take the system with you if you like, and your warranty will go with you.

Learn more about why Aquarius Water Conditioning should be top of mind when looking for reliable, affordable water softener installation companies in St. Paul, MN. Contact us online or call 888-741-9025.

dave lee

I tell my family and friends on and off the air, that I trust Aquarius. They installed my new cooling and heating system, a much-loved tankless water heater and have taken care of my water concerns for years. They are great at what they do and I am so proud to recommend them.

Dave Lee