Water Softener Installation Companies Hudson, MN

What makes Aquarius Water Conditioning the leader among water softener installation companies in Hudson, MN? There are a lot of things that set us apart from the competition. One is our passion for exceeding customer expectations. Our company has been in business for 30 years, and we’re just as committed to quality as we were when we first started.

Why Choose Aquarius Water Conditioning?

Water Softener Installation Companies Hudson, MN

Another reason people turn to us regularly is because they know we only carry the very best water softening systems. We’re proud to offer Kinetico softeners, which are widely known as the gold standard in the industry. Not only do they last for years, but they also remove contaminants much better than any others on the market.

Yet another reason customers choose Aquarius Water Conditioning is trust. They know we’ll get the job done right the first time, and we’ll always be straightforward. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about us trying to sell a product or service you don’t need.

Which Water Softener is Best for You?

There are a lot of homes in the area that have hard water. This is the culprit behind your dry skin and the spots you see on your dishes and glasses when you take them out of the dishwasher. Likewise, if your skin itches a little bit after a shower or your hair breaks too much when you brush it, there’s a good chance you can also blame hard water for those problems.

For most people, these are nothing more than relatively minor nuisances. But the problems can get much worse – even to the point where they can cost you a lot of money.

Hard water can sometimes accumulate mineral deposits in the water lines that feed your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and other appliances. They can also clog your home’s plumbing. As you can probably already figure out, this can result in the need for major repairs that can be incredibly expensive.

So, what can you do about it? The first thing is to get in touch with Aquarius Water Conditioning to schedule a water quality test. Then, we’ll be able to find out if you have an excessive amount of minerals – mainly calcium and magnesium – in your home’s water. These minerals turn water “hard,” causing all the issues we covered earlier.

Free Water Analysis

Aquarius will come to your home and test your water for a variety of issues such as contaminants, hardness, minerals, chlorine, sediment and more. For Free. No obligation. Learn what is in your home’s water today.

Schedule Water Test

Once we do that, we’ll help you determine what size of softener will work best for your home. For instance, you might notice some sediment at the bottom of your water heater. Or, you might see large spots on your dishes and glasses. If either is the case, you’ll likely need a larger water softener.

See what makes Aquarius Water Conditioning different from all other water softener installation companies in Hudson, MN. Our Alexandria office proudly serves the community of Hudson. Schedule service by using our online contact form or calling (320) 762.1266.

meatsauce from kfan

My Kinetico water system is the best thing I’ve done for my cabin. The water was hideous and now it’s clean and safe to drink. Kinetico is a game changer!

Paul Lambert