Water Softener Installation Frazee, MN

There’s a good chance you’ve run across a lot of misinformation while researching water softener installation in Frazee, MN. The experts with Aquarius Water Conditioning want to debunk some of the more common myths surrounding water softeners. Here are just a few.

Water Softeners Remove Essential Minerals

Water Softener Installation Frazee, MN Some believe that water softeners take essential minerals from water. The truth is that water softeners primarily target hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals are no doubt vital for health. But you get plenty of both through your food. If you have too much calcium and magnesium in your water, that can cause big problems.

Water Softeners Make Water Unsafe to Drink

Water softeners work by exchanging calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, resulting in softened water. The addition of sodium is minimal and within the acceptable limits for daily sodium intake. Softened water remains safe to drink and poses no health risks.

Water Softeners Use Too Much Salt

Another common misconception is that water softeners use excessive amounts of salt, contributing to health concerns. While water softeners do use salt during the regeneration process, the actual salt content in the softened water is relatively low. Modern water softeners are designed to be efficient, and advancements in technology have led to reduced salt consumption without compromising performance.

Softened Water Feels Slimy on the Skin

Softened water allows soap and shampoo to lather more effectively, creating a smoother feel. The absence of mineral deposits in softened water helps prevent soap scum and allows for easier rinsing, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Water Softeners Waste Water

Another misconception is that water softeners waste a significant amount of water during the regeneration process. While water softeners do require periodic regeneration to recharge the resin beads, modern systems are designed to be more water-efficient. Many models use sensors and advanced technology to regenerate based on actual water usage, minimizing water waste compared to older, timer-based systems.

Softened Water Causes Pipe Corrosion

Studies have shown that properly softened water doesn’t lead to increased corrosion. In fact, the reduction of scale buildup in pipes and appliances can contribute to the overall health and longevity of the plumbing system.

Water Softeners Are Expensive to Maintain

Another myth is that water softeners are costly to maintain, requiring frequent servicing and repairs. In reality, routine maintenance for water softeners is generally straightforward and infrequent. It involves adding salt to the brine tank periodically and occasionally checking and cleaning the resin tank. With proper care, water softeners can operate efficiently for many years without significant maintenance expenses.

All Water in a Home Needs to Be Softened

Not all water sources require softening. The decision to install a water softener depends on the hardness level of your water and your preferences for water quality. Some may choose to soften water for the entire household, while others may opt for point-of-use softening for specific faucets or appliances.

Water Softeners Are Only for Well Water

Another myth is that water softeners are only necessary for well water. Water hardness can be a concern in both well water and municipal water supplies. Municipal water treatment plants may not specifically address water hardness, making water softeners beneficial for homes connected to city water as well.

Hopefully, you now know that water softener installation in Frazee, MN is definitely worth considering. Schedule yours by contacting our Detroit Lakes office or calling Aquarius Water Conditioning at 877-690-5750.

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