Water Hardness St Paul, MN

Water hardness in St. Paul, MN, can cause many issues. One of the most irritating is the buildup of stains on your shower door, taps, toilets, and much more. The experts with Aquarius Water Conditioning can help solve that problem for good by installing Kinetico water softeners, which are the best in the business. In the meantime, here’s a little information on hard water and what you can do to clean those stains.

Hard Water 101

Water Hardness St Paul, MN

Water contains a lot of different types of minerals. It gets into your supply as groundwater passes through soil and rocks. When higher than normal amounts of certain minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, are in your water supply, that’s known as “hard” water. If you have hard water, you’re far from being alone. It’s estimated that approximately 85 percent of all homes in the U.S. have hard water.

While hard water isn’t a serious health hazard, it can be a huge annoyance. It can, for example, lead to dry skin and brittle hair. It can also make you feel itchy all over.

It can also lead to the accumulation of mineral deposits on a wide range of surfaces in your home. These include porcelain, tile, glass, stainless steel, and many others. These are just a few signs that you might have hard water.

  • Your showerheads are clogged
  • You see soap scum on your tubs and showers
  • Your dishes and glasses always come out of the dishwasher with spots and streaks.

Other minerals can lead to hard water as well, including copper, brass, iron, and manganese. Hard water from these minerals can not only stain your dishes; it can even stain your clothes and towels. If your clothes come out of the wash and have small brown or black stains, for example, that could mean your water has too much manganese.

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Cleaning Scale Buildup Due to Hard Water

If you’re tired of looking at stained fixtures, there are a few ways you can clean them using safe, natural – and effective – ingredients.

  • Soap scum – Get a spray bottle and pour in a mixture of some water and white distilled vinegar. Spray on the surface and let it sit for about five minutes before wiping.
  • Stains on fixtures – Do you see something on your sinks that looks like chalk? That chalk is made up of hard water deposits. Soak some paper towels in vinegar and wrap them around the stained fixtures. Leave for about an hour, rinse with water and wipe.
  • Toilet stains – Pour some baking soda and vinegar into your toilet bowl. Wait about five minutes and then clean with a toilet brush.
  • Showerheads – If you have a clogged showerhead, take it off and then soak it in a jar filled halfway with white vinegar. Let soak for about three hours and then scrub the showerhead with a brush.
  • Tile – Make a sort of grout by mixing baking soda and vinegar. Spread it on the tile and let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing and scrubbing.

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