Water Hardness Osseo, MN

Water hardness in Osseo, MN, might seem like more of an annoying problem than anything else – unless it’s happening to you. If it is, you need to get in touch with Aquarius Water Conditioning as soon as possible. This is important because a delay could cost you a lot of money (more on this later). Our experts can provide you with a Kinetico water softener that will not only help you avoid these major problems but also provide years of reliability and durability.

Why You Should Care About Hard Water

Water Hardness Osseo, MNHard water doesn’t look, taste, or smell any different than regular water. The big difference is that it contains far too much calcium and magnesium. So it’s not dangerous to drink and not harmful to bathe or shower in. Hard water gets that way by gathering minerals as it makes its way from the source to your home.

So, how can you tell that you have hard water? Here are a few of the more common ways.

  • Your faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures have what looks like a chalky, white buildup.
  • You always see white spots on your glasses and dishes after you wash them.
  • There’s a great deal of soap scum building up on the inside of your bathtub.
  • Your hair breaks more easily when you brush it or comb it, or your skin itches a little bit after you bathe.

OK, those issues are a hassle, but they don’t seem like a big deal. What is a big deal, however, is what hard water can do to the appliances in your home that are fed by water lines. These include your dishwasher and refrigerator, as well as your washing machine and water heater.

An excess of calcium and magnesium will eventually result in water deposits. The more they accumulate, the harder those appliances have to work. This increases wear and tear and the likelihood that you’ll need to pay for repairs – if not replace those appliances entirely. Hard water can also lead to your appliances wasting energy – which costs you money in a wholly different way.

But those aren’t the only significant issues associated with hard water. It can also cause mineral deposits to accumulate inside your home’s pipes. This can cause problems with the water pressure in your home, possibly resulting in leaks. Even a relatively minor leak can result in damage inside your walls – and that can result in a huge plumbing bill.

Why Invest in a Water Softener?

Companies often state that you’re “making an investment” when you buy one of their products. Unfortunately, that label is often nothing more than a bunch of hype.

But the label truly fits when it comes to Kinetico water softeners. These products are incredible, offering 24/7 reliability for years to come. They can also help you avoid issues with your appliances that could drain your bank account.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Aquarius Water Conditioning so we can get rid of your water hardness in Osseo, MN. A representative from our Little Canada office is standing by. Just contact us online or call (888) 741-9025.

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We love our Kinetico whole-home water treatment system.  No residue around our faucets.  No smelly well water.  My wife loves what Kinetico water does for her hair and skin and the Sherck boys LOVE the Kinetico K5 Drinking System (They fill their water bottles before hockey and soccer practices).

Clean, healthy, great-tasing water.  That is Kinetico!”

Bill Sherck

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