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There are many water conditioner companies in Minneapolis, MN – probably more than you ever imagined. So, what makes Aquarius Water Conditioning the company you should turn to first? Experience and a passion for customer satisfaction. Also, thanks to our relationship with Kinetico Water Systems, we can offer the world’s finest water purification, filtration, and softener products. We’ll make sure you have the highest quality water available.

Water Issues – Chlorine and Manganese

Water Conditioner Companies Minneapolis MN

Aquarius Water Conditioning products are designed to tackle some of the most challenging issues that can affect the quality of your home’s water. Two of these are chlorine and manganese. Both of these substances can be problematic. Let’s discuss a few of the reasons. 


If you have a swimming pool, you know how important chlorine can be. It helps kill bacteria and helps keep your pool clear of other parasites. You’ll also find chlorine in your water supply as well. But when there’s too much in your water, you could experience serious problems that lead to health issues. Here’s a closer look at why too much chlorine is harmful.

  • Excessive amounts of chlorine in your water supply can result in dry skin and red, irritated eyes. Excess chlorine could make your symptoms even if you have eczema or sensitive skin. But chlorine can also lead to respiratory problems, such as a sore throat and even tightness in the chest.
  • Chlorine can also harm the appliances in your home, namely the washing machine and the dishwasher. It does this through the oxidization of the rubber components inside them. When this happens, gaskets, seals, and more can wear out much faster than they usually would. This, of course, can result in costly repairs.
  • Finally, chlorine can affect the way your water tastes and, in some cases, the way it smells.

But an advanced water filtration system from Aquarius Water Conditioning can eliminate excess chlorine. It won’t remove it entirely – it will leave enough for the chlorine to kill parasites but reduce the concentration so it won’t cause any harm.


Manganese is known as a “trace mineral,” meaning your body only needs it in small amounts. It’s essential in that it helps ensure your nerves and brain work the way they should. But too much of it is bad, and the mineral can often find its way into your home’s water supply.

Excessive manganese can impair your memory and make it harder for you to concentrate. When infants and young children get too much of this mineral, it can result in even more severe issues.

Manganese can also damage pipes, leading to a buildup of scale that can be very expensive to remove. This mineral can even cause your water to appear black or orange, leading to serious stains in your toilet, tub, fixtures, and even on your clothes.

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