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Why choose Aquarius Water Conditioning instead of other water conditioner companies in Maple Grove, MN? There are many reasons, but the two most important are a passion for customer service and experience. You’ll never find another company more committed to ensuring our clients are 100 percent satisfied. Also, we’ve been providing water conditioning services for more than 30 years. So when you turn to us, you can rest assured we’ll always get the job done right the first time.

Why You Might Need a Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner Companies Maple Grove, MNYou’ve probably heard of “hard water” before. There’s a good chance you have it in your home, and you’re dealing with issues as a result. Hard water occurs when too much calcium or magnesium is in your water supply.

The average home’s water lines will eventually accumulate many of these minerals over time. The more they do this, the bigger the problems that can occur. But it can also have an impact on your health. Excessive mineral accumulation can result in what is known as “scale.” For example, look at the faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen, then check your shower doors. Do you see a buildup that looks sort of like white powder? That’s scale – and it’s not good.

Again, when there’s too much scale in your plumbing system, that can be a significant issue. It can damage your pipes and the appliances that use water. These include the dishwasher and refrigerator, of course, and the water heater and washing machine. When the lines that feed those appliances get clogged with scale, it is much harder for them to function. When they have to work too hard, that increases the risk of a potentially expensive breakdown.

But that’s not the only reason that scale is bad. Does it seem like your skin feels itchy after you take a bath or a shower? Does your hair seem to break easily when you brush or comb it? Again, scale could be the culprit.

So, what’s the solution? You need a water conditioner from Kinetico – the best in the business. At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we’re extremely proud to carry a wide variety of Kinetico products. Once you have one in your home, you’ll be delighted you did because it will deliver reliable performance for years to come.

How it Works

Don’t worry; we won’t send you down a science rabbit hole when describing how a water conditioner works. What it does is remove hard water ions. It does this through a bed of resin beads that sit inside the system. The beads have a negative charge, so they attract the positive ions that make your water hard. Those ions remain in the resin beads rather than in the water you use to drink, bathe, and wash your dishes and clothes.

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We love our Kinetico whole-home water treatment system.  No residue around our faucets.  No smelly well water.  My wife loves what Kinetico water does for her hair and skin and the Sherck boys LOVE the Kinetico K5 Drinking System (They fill their water bottles before hockey and soccer practices).

Clean, healthy, great-tasing water.  That is Kinetico!”

Bill Sherck

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