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Unlike most other water conditioner companies in Coon Rapids, MN, Aquarius Water Conditioning has been around for more than three decades. When you choose us, we’ll have the experience it takes to ensure you get the exact Kinetico system that will best meet your needs. 

Water Conditioner Installation 101

Water Conditioner Companies Coon Rapids, MNWater conditioner installation is the process of installing a system that removes excess minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, from hard water. Hard water is a common problem for homeowners and businesses, especially in areas with high levels of minerals in the water supply. 

Several types of water conditioning systems are available, including ion exchange systems, reverse osmosis systems, and magnetic water conditioners. Each type of system has unique features and benefits, and we’ll help you choose the right one based on your specific needs.

Once the type of water conditioner system has been determined, the next step is to install it. This process typically involves connecting the system to the main water supply, installing the necessary plumbing, and setting up the control system. In addition, the water conditioner system may need to be programmed to ensure it works optimally.

After installing the water conditioner system, it’s essential to maintain it to ensure it continues working effectively. This includes regularly checking the salt levels in the system, cleaning the resin tank, and checking for leaks or other signs of damage. In addition, it may be necessary to replace parts of the system over time, such as the resin tank or the control valve.

Why You Need a Water Conditioner

There are several benefits to installing a water conditioner system. One of the main benefits is that it can help to extend the life of pipes and appliances by reducing the amount of mineral buildup. Soft water can also improve the appearance of dishes and clothing by decreasing the amount of soap scum and mineral deposits. In addition, it can help to improve the health and appearance of skin and hair by reducing the number of minerals that can cause dryness and irritation.

Another benefit of a water conditioning system is that it can save money in the long run. By reducing the number of minerals in the water, the system can help to prevent damage to pipes and appliances, which can be expensive to repair or replace. Soft water can also reduce the amount of soap and detergents needed since it’s more effective at cleaning and rinsing than hard water.

Water conditioner installation is crucial in improving water quality for homeowners and businesses. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade one you already have, it’s important to work with a professional with the knowledge and experience to ensure the system is installed and maintained correctly. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you turn to Aquarius Water Conditioning.

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With a properly installed and maintained system from Aquarius Water Conditioning, you can enjoy the benefits of soft water, including improved health, appearance, and longevity of your pipes and appliances. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can use our online contact form or call our Little Canada office at (888) 741-9025.

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My Kinetico water system is the best thing I’ve done for my cabin. The water was hideous and now it’s clean and safe to drink. Kinetico is a game changer!

Paul Lambert