Water Conditioner Companies Brooklyn Park, MN

You might be surprised how many water conditioner companies there are in Brooklyn Park, MN. So why should you turn to Aquarius Water Conditioning instead of the others? Not only do we have an unmatched commitment to total customer satisfaction, but we also have more than three decades of experience. We’ll quickly determine what’s wrong with your water and then recommend the solution from Kinetico Water Systems that will best fix your problem. We’ll be in and out as quickly as possible so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Chlorine and Manganese in Your Water

Water Conditioner Companies Brooklyn Park, MN

At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we carry a wide variety of Kinetico Water Systems products that can easily handle some of the most challenging problems a water supply can face. Unfortunately, two of the worst are excessive amounts of chlorine and manganese. These are just a few reasons these can be a significant issue and what we can do about them.

Too Much Chlorine

Chlorine is a critically important chemical. It not only does a great job of eradicating bacteria but will also kill many other kinds of parasites. That’s why keeping a swimming pool safe and clean is essential. However, an excessive amount of chlorine in your drinking water could result in several different issues. There’s even a chance it could harm your health. Here’s some information on why you need to make sure your water’s chlorine levels need to be at safe levels.

  • If your water has an excessive amount of chlorine, that can dry out your skin and irritate your eyes. For people with eczema, too much chlorine can significantly worsen their symptoms. Even worse, chlorine can also result in chest tightness, sore throat, and other potentially serious health problems.
  • Chlorine can oxidize rubber, making seals and gaskets wear out prematurely. When this happens, you’ll probably need many appliances repaired, specifically your dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Chlorine can also have a negative impact on the way your water smells and tastes.

So, what can you do about this problem? First, turn to Aquarius Water Conditioning. We can install a Kinetico water filtration system to eliminate that excess chlorine. This system will keep just enough chlorine in your water to kill parasites – and that’s it.

Excessive Manganese

Your body needs manganese, but only a little bit. This is an essential mineral since it helps ensure your brain and nerves work correctly. But if you have too much, that can cause cognitive issues. For example, you might find it more difficult to concentrate than usual, or you won’t be able to remember things as well as you usually do. Excessive manganese intake can be especially bad for young children and babies.

Manganese can also do a number on your home’s plumbing system. It can result in an accumulation of scale that can be hard to remove – and very expensive. Too much manganese can also turn your water orange or even black.

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More and more people seem to understand that and are interested in improving their water now. Kinetico can help.

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