Types of Drinking Water Contaminants in Wisconsin & Ways To Remove Them

If you’re looking for professionals who are experts in all types of drinking water contaminants in Wisconsin and ways to remove them, Aquarius Water Conditioning is here for you. Our team members not only have extensive experience, we also have a passion for improving our customers’ water quality. One of the most effective methods of purification is ion exchange filtration, which is featured in many Kinetico water filtration systems. Here’s a brief look at how they work.

Understanding Ion Exchange Technology

Types of Drinking Water Contaminants in Wisconsin & Ways To Remove ThemIon exchange is a water treatment process that replaces ions in water with the ions in a special resin. The process relies on the principle that ions in the water can be replaced by ions on the resin surface. Ion exchange primarily targets positively charged metal ions, also known as cations.

The heart of ion exchange technology is the resin material. Resins are synthetic or natural polymers that attract and exchange ions. For removing heavy metals, cation exchange resins are commonly used. These resins contain negatively charged functional groups that attract and exchange metal cations in the water.

As water flows through a column or tank containing the ion exchange resin, metal ions in the water bind to the resin. At the same time, the system releases ions into the water. This exchange results in the removal of heavy metal contaminants, leaving the water purified.

Removing Heavy Metals

One of the many benefits of Kinetico ion exchange systems is the removal of heavy metals. Here are just a few examples:


Ion exchange is highly effective in removing lead, a notorious heavy metal known for its detrimental effects on the nervous system and cognitive development, especially in children. Cation exchange resins can efficiently reduce lead concentrations in drinking water.


Cadmium, a carcinogenic metal, can sometimes contaminate water sources through industrial discharges. Ion exchange resins tailored for cationic heavy metal removal can selectively target and eliminate cadmium ions, ensuring cleaner water.


Mercury contamination, often associated with mining and industrial activities, can lead to severe health issues. Ion exchange technology can effectively reduce mercury levels in water.


Arsenic is a contaminant in groundwater that poses serious health risks. Ion exchange resins designed to target arsenic ions aid in the removal of this toxic metal. These resins can protect you and your family from the associated health hazards.

Advantages of Ion Exchange Technology

Some of the other advantages of Kinetico ion exchange systems include the following:

  • Selective removal: Ion exchange systems target specific heavy metals, removing them efficiently and effectively.
  • Versatility: Ion exchange technology is versatile and can be applied in various water treatment settings, from municipal water treatment plants to household filtration systems.
  • Regeneration: Some ion exchange resins regenerate, allowing for multiple cycles of use before replacement. This feature enhances the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the technology.

A Strong Defense Against Contamination

Ion exchange technology is a fantastic solution for addressing the challenge of heavy metal contamination in drinking water. This method plays a pivotal role in ensuring access to clean and safe water. As technological advancements continue, ion exchange is likely to remain a key player in the ongoing efforts reduce the dangerous health effects of heavy metal exposure through water consumption.

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