Tap Water Contaminants By Zip Code In Minnesota

If you’re interested, there are ways you can find tap water contaminants by zip code in Minnesota. Should you decide to do a little research, you might be concerned about what you might learn. While municipalities do everything they can to ensure safe drinking water, there are times when contaminants can put our supply at risk. Aquarius Water Conditioning can help if you have any reason to worry about the water quality coming into your home. We proudly carry Kinetico water filtration systems that will eliminate those worries for good.

Tap Water Contaminants By Zip Code In Minnesota

Here’s some information about how you can find out more about the water quality in your area and how Aquarius Water Conditioning can help if you have issues with your home’s water supply.

Finding Out More About Water Quality

No matter what Minnesota city you live in, you can search a database provided by the Environmental Working Group to learn more about your water quality. This database is a compilation of tests performed on public drinking water systems by various agencies. It will give you an idea of the types of contaminants that have been found in your system and the potential health impacts they can have.

According to the database, Minnesota tap water contains nearly 100 contaminants. Nitrate and radium are among the most widespread, found in more than 100,000 homes. The database also shows points that different utility companies across the state accrue due to excessive violations. The database showed the utility that serves Winona received 15 violation points, the most in the state.


Many water systems in Minnesota contain unacceptably high levels of per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS include several different man-made chemicals that can adversely affect health when ingested in high enough concentrations. These include liver problems, a weakened immune system, and possibly even a higher cancer risk. PFAS can be particularly dangerous for infants since their bodies are still in the development process.

The chemicals that make up PFAS are used to manufacture many different products in the US, including carpeting, fabrics, food packaging, and more. One of the reasons they are so dangerous is that they last for an extremely long time before decomposing – millions of years. As a result, if you ingest PFAS in your water or food, they will remain in your body.

Thankfully, Kinetico water filtration systems can eliminate PFAS from drinking water. Kinetico was one of the first water conditioning product manufacturers to earn NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification for PFAS removal. Aquarius Water Conditioning can install a Kinetico filtration system that will remove PFAS and many other types of contaminants.

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