Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Roseville, MN

Reverse osmosis systems in Roseville, MN from Aquarius Water Conditioning have become popular for their ability to effectively remove a wide range of contaminants from water, providing households with a reliable source of purified drinking water. Here’s a look at some of the common contaminants they remove.

Sediments and Particulate Matter

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Roseville, MNOne of the first stages in a typical reverse osmosis system is a sediment pre-filter. This filter removes larger particles, such as sand, silt, and sediment, from the water. While these particles may not necessarily be harmful on their own, they can clog the RO membrane and reduce its effectiveness. Removing sediments also improves the taste and clarity of the water.

Chlorine and Chloramine

Municipal water treatment facilities often use chlorine or chloramine to disinfect tap water. While this is essential for killing harmful microorganisms, it can result in water that has an unpleasant taste and odor. RO systems include activated carbon filters that effectively remove chlorine and chloramine, enhancing the water’s flavor and smell.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury can find their way into drinking water through various sources, including old plumbing, industrial runoff, and natural deposits. These metals can have serious health effects when consumed over time. Reverse osmosis systems are highly effective at removing heavy metals, ensuring that your drinking water is safe and free from these contaminants.

Bacteria and Viruses

While RO membranes are not specifically designed to remove microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, they can provide a barrier that effectively prevents these pathogens from passing through. Additionally, some RO systems are equipped with UV filters or other post-treatment methods to kill or inactivate microorganisms, enhancing water safety.

Pesticides and Herbicides

Agricultural runoff can introduce pesticides and herbicides into groundwater and surface water sources. These chemicals pose health risks when consumed. Reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing many types of pesticides and herbicides, providing an additional layer of protection for your drinking water.

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) can enter water sources through the disposal of medications and the use of personal care items like shampoos and lotions. RO systems can effectively remove many PPCPs, reducing the presence of these substances in your drinking water.


While fluoride is added to municipal water supplies to promote dental health, some individuals may prefer to remove it from their water. Reverse osmosis systems can reduce fluoride levels, making them a popular choice for individuals seeking fluoride-free drinking water.

Nitrates and Nitrites

Nitrates and nitrites, often associated with agricultural runoff and septic systems, can contaminate groundwater. High levels of these compounds can pose health risks, particularly for infants and young children. RO systems are effective at reducing nitrate and nitrite concentrations in drinking water.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

VOCs, such as benzene, toluene, and xylene, can enter water supplies through industrial processes and improper disposal of chemicals. These compounds can have adverse health effects. Reverse osmosis systems equipped with activated carbon filters can effectively remove many VOCs from water.

It’s important to note that regular maintenance of your RO system, including filter replacement and membrane cleaning, is essential to ensure its continued efficiency and effectiveness.

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Kinetico is an essential part of my home because I care about my health.  Kinetico K5 drinking system removes 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, out of my drinking water.  Not only can I taste the difference, but I feel good knowing that I am only consuming clean pure water.  When you have kinetico, less plastic water bottles are used, which is beneficial to our environment.  

Laura Schara

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