Reverse Osmosis Water System Stillwater, MN

If you’ve never heard of a reverse osmosis water system in Stillwater, MN, don’t worry. Knowing the science isn’t that important. What is essential is turning to the right company to install it in your home – Aquarius Water Conditioning. We’ve done this kind of work for decades, and we have a team of experts who are passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations. So when you turn to us, you’ll be able to do so with complete confidence.

Are You a Candidate?

Reverse Osmosis Water System Stillwater, MN

Does your water taste odd? Do you have itchy skin after you get out of the shower? Is your hair breaking much too easily, and you have no idea why? Hard water could be the culprit causing all of these problems. A Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Water System could be the perfect solution.

This incredible product comes from the most trusted name in the industry. Kinetico has been the leader in water purification systems for years, and we’re proud to carry the K5. Once we install this system in your home, you’ll have 99.9 percent pure water. Not only will it be free of contaminants, but you’ll also have total peace of mind. You’ll know that your water is healthy and safe, and it will be for a long, long time.

You might be someone who doesn’t mind having a few minerals in your home’s water system. Minerals are healthy, and the body can’t function properly without them. So you might think about the K5’s Mineral Plus feature. It will allow certain beneficial minerals to stay in your water supply while filtering out others that could harm your plumbing. We can tell you much more about not only Mineral Plus but several other K5 features as well.

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Aquarius will come to your home and test your water for a variety of issues such as contaminants, hardness, minerals, chlorine, sediment and more. For Free. No obligation. Learn what is in your home’s water today.

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How it Works

It will probably be helpful that you at least have a general idea of how reverse osmosis (RO) works.

Imagine you have a glass full of water in front of you. Splitting that water is a membrane. The upper half of the water is plain, but the other is mixed with salt. As the plain water moves through the membrane, it dilutes the amount of salt in the water on the other side. The more of the water that gets through, the more dilution occurs. This is the process of osmosis in a nutshell. More accurately, the water is in a state of osmotic pressure.

When you reverse this process, you have RO. For example, you do this daily when you turn on your bathroom or kitchen faucet. Fresh water comes out because the RO process traps contaminants.

If you’re interested in the K5 system, we’ll first test your water to find out what type of K5 will provide the most benefits. For example, it has a Purefecta Guard feature that captures bacteria or viruses. In addition, the K5 VOC Guard eliminates potentially dangerous chemicals known as volatile organic compounds. Unfortunately, we can’t test for every contaminant, but we can help you send a sample to a state-certified laboratory that can.

Contact Aquarius Water Conditioning to learn more about the benefits of a Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Water System in Stillwater, MN. We’re proud to serve the Stillwater community from our Little Canada location. Call us at (651) 777-0448 to learn more, or use our online form.


I’ve noticed that many people ignore their water unless it’s causing a visible problem. But having good, clean water impacts the quality of their lives.

More and more people seem to understand that and are interested in improving their water now. Kinetico can help.

Mike Holmes

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