Residential Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Homeowners need residential drinking water filtration systems to ensure their household water is of the highest quality. If you’re not sure whether a filtration is right for you, the professionals with Aquarius Water Conditioning have some information you should keep in mind.

Water Quality Testing

Residential Drinking Water Filtration SystemsOne of the most accurate ways to assess your need for a filtration system is by conducting a water quality test. You can typically find water testing kits at your local home improvement store, or you can hire a professional to perform a more comprehensive analysis. These tests will reveal the presence of common contaminants. Aquarius Water Conditioning can perform a test and let you know what issues exist. If there’s a contaminant we can’t test for, we’ll help you send it to a state-certified lab.

Odor and Taste

Unpleasant odors or strange tastes in your tap water can be indicative of water quality issues. If your water smells like chlorine, sulfur, or has a musty odor, it may be due to contaminants or high mineral content. If your water tastes metallic, salty, or has an off-putting flavor, it’s a sign that also means something might be wrong with your water quality.

Water Appearance

The appearance of your water can also provide clues. Cloudy or discolored water might indicate the presence of sediment, rust, or other impurities. In some cases, you may even notice visible particles in the water. If your water doesn’t look crystal clear, it’s a good reason to consider water filtration.

Health Concerns

Contaminated water can harbor harmful bacteria or parasites that may lead to health problems. Installing a water filtration system can provide an added layer of protection for your family’s health.

Plumbing System Considerations

Old or corroded plumbing systems can introduce contaminants into your water. If your home has outdated pipes or plumbing fixtures, they could be contributing to water quality issues. A filtration system can help remove these impurities before they reach your tap.

Environmental Concerns

Environmental factors can impact your water quality as well. Nearby industrial facilities, agricultural runoff or pollution sources can help lead to contaminants find their way into local water supplies. Staying informed about potential environmental threats in your area is essential for assessing your need for a filtration system.

Water Hardness

Water hardness, caused by high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, can lead to limescale buildup in pipes and appliances. If you notice scale deposits on faucets, fixtures, or appliances like your dishwasher or water heater, a water softening and filtration system may be beneficial to protect your plumbing and appliances.

Consistency of Water Issues

If water quality problems persist over time and aren’t resolved by simple fixes like cleaning faucets or replacing pipes, it’s a strong indicator that a filtration system is needed. Consistent issues are a clear signal that the source of the problem lies within your water supply.

By taking proactive measures, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re providing your family with the best possible drinking water. The experts in Kinetico residential drinking water filtration systems with Aquarius Water Conditioning are here to help you do just that. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please use our online contact form or give us a call at 844-565-9198.


I’ve noticed that many people ignore their water unless it’s causing a visible problem. But having good, clean water impacts the quality of their lives.

More and more people seem to understand that and are interested in improving their water now. Kinetico can help.

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