Removing PFAS in Drinking Water with Water Softener Systems

Removing PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) in drinking water with water softener systems typically doesn’t work. Kinetico water softeners can do this, but that’s not what they’re designed to do. If you really want to make sure you no longer have to worry about PFAS in your water supply, consider a Kinetico PFAS-POU Filtration System from Aquarius Water Conditioning. It contains a powerful activated carbon filter that will remove PFAS and other contaminants.

Removing PFAS in Drinking Water with Water Softener SystemsPFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that have been widely used in industrial and consumer products, posing a significant challenge due to their persistence and potential health risks. Activated carbon’s unique properties make it an excellent choice for addressing PFAS contamination and improving the quality of drinking water. Here’s some information on why this is the case.

Understanding Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated carbon is a porous material derived from organic sources such as coconut shells, wood, or coal. It undergoes a process called activation, which creates a network of microscopic pores on its surface. These pores significantly increase the surface area of the carbon, allowing it to adsorb a wide variety of contaminants.

How Activated Carbon Removes PFAS

These powerful filters remove PFAS in the following ways:

  • Adsorption mechanism – Activated carbon’s adsorption process is based on the principle of chemical attraction between the carbon’s surface and contaminants. Adsorption attracts molecules, while absorption is the process of dissolving fluid. As water flows through the activated carbon filter, contaminants like PFAS are attracted to and adhere to the carbon’s porous structure.
  • Microporous structure – The reason activated carbon filters are porous is that they contain a range of pore sizes, including micropores. These micropores are particularly effective at adsorbing PFAS molecules, which have relatively large molecular sizes.
  • Hydrophobic nature – PFAS compounds are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. Activated carbon’s hydrophobic nature allows it to readily attract and capture PFAS molecules, preventing them from passing through the filter.
  • Chemical bonds – The adsorption process involves weak chemical bonds between the PFAS molecules and the carbon’s surface. This allows activated carbon to effectively trap PFAS and prevent their release back into the water.

Other advantages of activated carbon filters for removing PFAS include the following:

High Removal Efficiency

Activated carbon filtration is known for its high removal efficiency across a wide range of contaminants, including PFAS. It can achieve removal rates of up to 90% or more, depending on the specific activated carbon used and the concentration of PFAS in the water.


Activated carbon filters are available in various forms, including granular activated carbon (GAC) and powdered activated carbon (PAC), making them adaptable to different water treatment setups and scales.

Taste and Odor Improvement

In addition to removing PFAS, activated carbon filtration can also enhance the taste and odor of water by adsorbing organic compounds responsible for unpleasant tastes and odors.

Benefits of a POU Filtration System

A Point-of-Use (POU) filtration system offers localized water purification, providing clean and safe water directly from the tap. It targets specific contaminants, enhances taste and odor, requires minimal installation, and is cost-effective, ensuring access to high-quality drinking water conveniently and efficiently.

Aquarius Water Conditioning can tell you more about how we can help with removing PFAS in drinking water with water softener systems or activated carbon filtration. Get in touch by calling 844-565-9198 or using our online contact form.

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