Removing Manganese From Water In Wisconsin

The professionals with Aquarius Water Conditioning are experts in removing manganese from water in Wisconsin. When you turn to us, we’ll install a Kinetico water filtration system that will return your water to being safe and healthy. Here’s some information on why you should consider calling us if there’s too much manganese in your water supply.

Manganese and Drinking Water: Understanding the Risks and Solutions


Removing Manganese From Water In WisconsinManganese can enter drinking water sources through natural deposits in the earth’s crust or as a result of human activities such as mining and industrial discharges. In some areas, groundwater may contain higher levels of manganese due to geological conditions. Surface water sources can also be affected by manganese runoff from surrounding soil and rocks. In areas where manganese-rich soils are prevalent, the risk of elevated levels in drinking water increases.

When manganese levels in drinking water exceed the recommended limits set by regulatory authorities, it can lead to several concerns. One of the primary issues associated with high manganese concentrations is its impact on the aesthetic qualities of water. Manganese can cause discoloration, giving water a brownish or blackish tint. It may also impart a metallic taste and contribute to staining of plumbing fixtures, laundry, and dishes.

However, the health effects of manganese in drinking water are a significant concern. While some studies suggest that dietary manganese is essential and has beneficial effects, excessive intake through drinking water can have adverse effects, particularly on the nervous system. Prolonged exposure to elevated manganese levels has been associated with neurological disorders, including changes in behavior, cognitive impairments, and motor dysfunction. Vulnerable populations, such as small children and infants, are more susceptible to the adverse effects of manganese due to their developing nervous systems.

Solving the Issue

Several treatment options are available to address the presence of manganese in drinking water. The choice of treatment depends on the concentration of manganese and the specific characteristics of the water source. One commonly used method is filtration through activated carbon or specialty media designed to remove manganese. These filters can effectively reduce manganese levels and improve the aesthetic qualities of water, including its taste and appearance.

In cases where manganese concentrations are exceptionally high, advanced treatment technologies such as oxidation and filtration or ion exchange may be required. These methods involve the use of specific chemicals or resins to facilitate the removal of manganese ions from the water. It’s important to note that treatment systems should be properly maintained and periodically monitored to ensure their effectiveness in reducing manganese levels consistently.

Regular testing of drinking water for manganese is essential to identify its presence and take appropriate actions if levels exceed the recommended limits. Testing can be conducted by certified laboratories or through home testing kits specifically designed for manganese analysis. It is recommended to follow the guidelines provided by regulatory authorities or consult with water treatment professionals to determine the appropriate testing frequency and methods.

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