High Concentrations of Arsenic In Minnesota Counties

Since 2008, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has detected higher concentrations of arsenic in many of the state’s municipal water sources. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has also reported significant arsenic levels in wells across the state. 

What Is Arsenic?

Arsenic, a chemical that naturally occurs in rocks and soil, dissolves into the groundwater, which then leaches into nearby well water sources—thereby entering a home’s drinking water supply.

This substance is commonly used in certain pesticides, wood treatments, and tobacco manufacturing. Industries like mining, for example, can also release more arsenic into the environment, which may end up in the water we drink, as well as the air we breathe.

Unlike other common contaminants found in Minnesota drinking water, such as manganese or chlorine that you can see or smell, arsenic is odorless and colorless. This makes it much more difficult to spot when it comes out of your tap. And because arsenic levels may vary between wells, your water may contain a higher level of arsenic than your neighbor or vice versa—even if you reside in a small area.

What Are Safe Levels of Arsenic in Water?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the maximum concentration of arsenic allowed in community water systems is 10 micrograms per liter (µg/L). However, the MDH reports that over 10% of private wells have higher levels of arsenic, with some reaching as high as 350 µg/L, and the average falling slightly below 50 µg/L. 

Regular testing is being conducted to detect higher amounts of arsenic. To find out the arsenic levels in your area, view the Minnesota private well map for current testing results. 

Arsenic in Minnesota Counties

According to the map above, many rural areas tend to experience higher concentrations of arsenic. 

Arsenic Levels in Carver County, MN

Just 20 miles southwest of Minnespolis, Carver County is reporting significantly higher concentrations of arsenic in its well water supply. Since December 2020, of the 531 wells tested, 388 (71%) wells had higher than 2 µg/L of arsenic present and 111 (20%) had higher than 10 µg/L.

Arsenic Levels in Wright County, MN

North of downtown Minneapolis, Wright County also reported higher amounts of arsenic in well water sources. Of the 1,999 wells tested, 1,388 (69 %) wells had higher than 2 µg/L of arsenic present and 418 (20%) had higher than 10 µg/L.

Arsenic Levels in Clay County, MN

In Clay County, near Fargo, it’s reported that of the 598 wells tested, 427 (71%) wells had higher than 2 µg/L of arsenic present and 230 (38%) had higher than 10 µg/L.

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Effects of Arsenic in Water

In its inorganic form, arsenic is toxic and may increase your risk of developing cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. Even if your water supply contains less, or equal to, the recommended EPA standard, experts suggest that consuming arsenic over an extended period of time may still put you at risk of serious health issues.

How to Treat Arsenic in Water

As certified dealers of Kinetico, we can assure you that the best solution to your arsenic water issue is through the use of an advanced water filtration system.

  • The Kinetico Arsenic Guard features a twin tank design that ensures a steady flow of arsenic filtered water into your home. 
  • The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station, an advanced water filtration option, helps you safely remove arsenic, as well as other contaminants lurking in your water supply, so your tap is safe to drink and enjoy.

Because every home is different, you may decide on one or multiple Kinetico products to help you enhance your home with clean, fresh water for drinking, bathing, and running your appliances. It will really depend on your home’s water needs and what type of water issues you’re dealing with.

High Levels of Arsenic in MN & WI

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