Drinking Water Test Stillwater, MN

There are several reasons to schedule a drinking water test in Stillwater, MN, with Aquarius Water Conditioning, but the biggest one is peace of mind. If you have any reason to doubt the safety of your water, that can be a stressful situation. You’re probably hesitant even to take a bath or a shower, wash your hands, or drink a glass from your tap. We have the tools and equipment to test for many different contaminants. If there’s one we can’t test for, we can help you send a water sample to a state-certified laboratory.

The K5 Reverse Osmosis Water System

Drinking Water Test Stillwater, MN

If our testing, or testing from a lab, confirms that you have serious water contamination, the Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Water System could be the perfect answer. This is an incredible product that can get rid of 99.5 percent of contaminants, making your water pure, fresh, and – most notably, safe to use however you like.

One of the many reasons the K5 is so popular is that it’s very flexible. Some people, for example, don’t want to get rid of some of the minerals in their water, such as magnesium and calcium. If you’re in this category, you might consider adding the Mineral Plus feature to your system. It will eliminate the potentially harmful minerals while keeping the ones you want. An Aquarius Water Conditioning expert can explain this and other features and install the K5 in your home.

A Quick Look at Reverse Osmosis

It might help if you had at least a general understanding of reverse osmosis or RO. That way, you’ll better understand how the K5 works.

Picture a glass filled with water. In the middle of that water sits a membrane. Part of the water is, well, water, while the other is a mix of salt and water. The pure water will move through the membrane, diluting the salt/water mixture. This is known as osmotic pressure, also referred to as osmosis.

When you reverse this process, you get RO. For example, your kitchen and bathroom faucets operate on the principle. So when you turn on your faucet, the filter is designed to trap any contaminants trying to get into that glass of water you’re about to drink.

The filtration system in the K5 is much more involved. It will keep your water safe and pure for a long time. A professional with Aquarius Water Conditioning will explain the different kinds of K5 systems we carry and then help you decide which one will do the best to care for whatever water quality issues you have. You might, for example, have found out from the lab that your water contains VOCs or volatile organic compounds. The K5 has a VOC Guard feature that could eliminate them for good.

Free Water Analysis

Aquarius will come to your home and test your water for a variety of issues such as contaminants, hardness, minerals, chlorine, sediment and more. For Free. No obligation. Learn what is in your home’s water today.

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Feel free to get in touch with an Aquarius Water Conditioning expert if you would like to schedule a drinking water test in Stillwater, MN. It might just wind up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your family’s health. Our Little Canada office proudly serves the Stillwater community. Call us at (651) 777-0448 to learn more, or use our online form.

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