Drinking Water Test Mora, MN

If you have any reason to be concerned about the water quality in your home in Mora, MN, you should schedule a drinking water test from Aquarius Water Conditioning. Not only is there no cost for the test, but it will also give you peace of mind. While we can’t test for every possible contaminant, if there’s something our test doesn’t reveal, we’ll show you how to send a water sample to a certified lab in Minnesota. Then, once you get the results, we’ll know exactly what needs to be done to take care of whatever’s going wrong.

Sulfur in Drinking Water

Drinking Water Test Mora MN

The people who work at municipal water treatment facilities are incredible. They work extremely hard, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to keep the water that enters your home safe and healthy. There are instances, however rare, where contaminants can still get through. One example is a chemical known as sulfur.

You might not know it, but bacteria use sulfur for food. They use it for energy, too, and then eliminate sulfuric gas. That gives off the telltale “rotten egg” odor that you might smell if there’s too much sulfur in your water. When you wash your clothes in this water, it could leave nasty stains. When excessive sulfur builds up in your pipes, that can also lead to big-time plumbing issues.

Sulfur doesn’t cause much harm in most cases. If you have an excess amount of sulfur in your body, you might have diarrhea and be dehydrated. As long as you don’t get too much of it, your body needs some to function correctly. Sulfur is in many dairy products, including cheese and eggs.

If you’re noticing a rotten egg smell in your water, the experts with Aquarius Water Conditioning will be ready to help. We’ll find the best Kinetico water filtration system that will take care of that issue once and for all.

Water Can Have a Bad Odor for Other Reasons as Well

Here are some other culprits behind water that doesn’t smell right.

  • “Wet dog” smell – You probably know that many dogs don’t mind getting wet – they love it. But when they come back inside, that smell is unmistakable. The same thing can happen to your water. If it does, it is most likely because too much algae have built up in the water lines that go into your home.
  • A metallic smell – This usually means you have an excess of iron, zinc, or copper in your water. Homes with older pipes made of metal typically run into this problem because the metal leaches into the water supply. Unfortunately, this could indicate that your pipes need to be replaced.
  • A chlorine smell – Chlorine is important because it kills potentially dangerous pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. But when your municipal treatment facility has to use more than usual, it could get into your water.

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