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Drinking water is essential for our survival, of course but there are some rare instances when it’s not always safe to consume. There are many contaminants that can be found in tap water, which can pose serious health risks if consumed. That is why it is important to have a professional with Aquarius Water Conditioning perform a drinking water test in Minnesota to ensure that your water is safe and healthy to drink.

Here are some reasons why you should have us handle your testing.

Identifying Contaminants

Drinking Water Test MinnesotaA professional drinking water test can identify a wide range of contaminants that may be present in your water. These can include bacteria, viruses and other harmful chemicals. A professional can help you understand the type and level of contaminants in your water, and provide you with recommendations on how to address any issues that are detected.

Protecting Your Health

Drinking water that is contaminated with harmful substances can pose serious health risks. Some contaminants can cause immediate health effects, such as stomach illness, while others can have long-term effects, including cancer and neurological damage. By having a professional perform a drinking water test, you can identify any potential health risks and take steps to protect yourself and your family.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

In many cases, water suppliers are required by law to ensure that the water they provide is safe to drink. However, these regulations may not be enough to protect against all types of contaminants. When you trust an Aquarius Water Conditioning to take care of your test, you can ensure that your water meets regulatory requirements and is safe to consume.

Ensuring the Effectiveness of Water Treatment Systems

If you have a water treatment system installed in your home, such as a water softener or reverse osmosis system, it is important to ensure that it is functioning properly. A professional drinking water test can help you identify any issues with your water treatment system and ensure that it’s effectively removing contaminants from your water.

Peace of Mind

Finally, having a professional perform a drinking water test can provide you with peace of mind. Knowing that your water is safe and healthy to drink can alleviate any concerns or worries you may have about the quality of your water. This can be especially important if you or a family member has a compromised immune system or other health concerns that require clean drinking water.

Having a professional perform a drinking water test is an important step in ensuring that your water is safe and healthy to drink. A professional can identify any potential health risks, help you meet regulatory requirements, ensure the effectiveness of water treatment systems, and provide you with peace of mind. If you have concerns about the quality of your drinking water, it’s important to take action and have your water tested by an expert with Aquarius Water Conditioning.

Rely on Our Experience

For more than 30 years, Aquarius Water Conditioning has been the premier water purification company in the state. Once we provide you with your drinking water test in Minnesota, we’ll have the knowledge and experience needed to recommend the very best solution to whatever issues exist. We can install a Kinetico water purification system that will eliminate those issues for good. Schedule service by calling 888-741-9025 or contacting us online.

Laura Schara

Kinetico is an essential part of my home because I care about my health.  Kinetico K5 drinking system removes 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, out of my drinking water.  Not only can I taste the difference, but I feel good knowing that I am only consuming clean pure water.  When you have kinetico, less plastic water bottles are used, which is beneficial to our environment.  

Laura Schara

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