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If you think you could use a drinking water test in Maple Grove, MN, there’s no better company to get it from than Aquarius Water Conditioning. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, so you can rest assured that you’ll be working with a team of experts who always have your best interests at heart. We want you to be completely at ease regarding the safety of your water. We’ll tell you exactly what’s happening if we see a problem. But, even more important, we’ll show you what you can do to get rid of that problem once and for all.

Sulfur in Drinking Water

Drinking Water Test Maple Grove, MNThe people who work at water treatment facilities are incredible. They do a fantastic job of keeping our water safe. But even though they’re on the job 24/7, there are times when contaminants can sometimes find their way into the water that you use every day.

One of those contaminants is sulfur. Bacteria use it as a source of energy as well as food. When they consume sulfur, the waste product that results in sulfuric gas. If you notice a smell of rotten eggs coming from your water, sulfuric gas is what you’re smelling. Sulfur can also cause stains on your sinks and toilets and, in some cases, can lead to stained clothes. Too much sulfur in your water can also damage your plumbing.

Sulfur sounds like it’s always a bad thing, but it’s not. It’s pretty healthy in moderate amounts. You’ll find this mineral in eggs, cheese, and many other popular foods. The problem is if you get too much in your diet. An excessive amount of sulfur could result in diarrhea as well as dehydration.

If you have any reason to believe your water has too much sulfur or any other kind of issue, contact Aquarius Water Conditioning as soon as possible. We’ll test your water, identify whatever contaminants might be causing the problem, and then show you the solution.

What if Your Water Smells Bad for Some Other Reason?

Sulfur is usually the culprit when the water has an unpleasant odor, but it’s not the only one. Get in touch with one of our experts if you notice any of the following odors so that we can perform a test.

  • Metallic odor – Water that has a heavy metallic smell could have too much of a lot of different minerals. It could be copper, iron, manganese, zinc, or something else. If you have older pipes, there’s a pretty good chance these metals have leached from the pipes into your water. Unfortunately, that’s going to be expensive to fix.
  • A so-called “wet dog” smell – This probably means there is an accumulation of algae somewhere in the water lines that serve your home.
  • Chlorine – Does your water smell like it should be in a swimming pool rather than coming through your taps? That’s probably because it has too much chlorine, a chemical used by water treatment plants to kill potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Let the pros with Aquarius Water Conditioning perform your drinking water test in Maple Grove, MN. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our Little Canada office, call 888-741-9025 or contact us online.

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