Drinking Water Test Forest Lake, MN

Scheduling a drinking water test from Aquarius Water Conditioning in Forest Lake, MN, can give you peace of mind. It can be incredibly frustrating – even scary – to find something wrong with your home’s water supply while you have no idea why this is happening. We can help you explore what’s going on and then show you the best course of action to have healthy water once again.

What to Expect

Drinking Water Test Forest Lake, MN

It’s important to note that we can’t find every type of contaminant in your water. There are times when a homeowner will need to have a sample sent to a laboratory for thorough analysis. However, we’ll be able to determine what’s wrong with your water in most instances.

We’ll first look at areas where water comes into your home when we arrive. This doesn’t just mean the kitchen, of course, but also your bathrooms, laundry room, and basement. If you choose to have us install a water filtration system or a water softener, we’ll know the best place to do so. Not only will this give us the whole picture of your home’s water quality, it will also help once we determine the best way to address your problem.

There isn’t much you’ll need to do to prepare for your test. All we will need is the ability to get to your sinks and other water sources. That’s it. We’ll probably take a sample from the tap in your kitchen since that’s where most people get most of the water they drink.

You might already have a softener or a filter system that we didn’t install. If that’s the case, we’ll more than likely take some water from a spigot outside your home. We’ll take water from the tank if you have a well. We do this so we can see what the water is like before it gets to the filter or softener.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Once we do all of that, we’ll want to get more information about what’s going on with your water. We’ll ask you, for instance, if you see any water spots on your glasses and dishes or if you’re noticing any strange smells from the water that comes out of your faucets. We’ll want to know if it tastes odd.

Our expert will also ask if your dishwasher or washing machine has been giving you any issues or if you notice red or brown stains in your toilet bowls and faucets. They’ll ask if you typically have an itchy scalp or itchy skin after a bath or a shower.

The answers you give us, plus your water test results, will paint the most accurate picture of the kinds of contaminants that are giving you trouble.

Free Water Analysis

Aquarius will come to your home and test your water for a variety of issues such as contaminants, hardness, minerals, chlorine, sediment and more. For Free. No obligation. Learn what is in your home’s water today.

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