Drinking Water Test Brainerd, MN

Why contact Aquarius Water Conditioning to perform a drinking water test in Brainerd, MN? One huge reason is to get to the bottom of any water quality issues you might be experiencing. Does your water have a reddish or brownish color? Does it taste or smell bad? This can be an incredibly frustrating problem. But we can find out why this is happening and – even more important – tell you how we plan on providing you with a long-term solution to this troublesome issue.

Is a Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Right for You?

Drinking Water Test Brainerd, MN

The other big reason is that a drinking water test will help us determine what type of water filtration system will be the best for your specific problem. One potential solution will be the K5 Reverse Osmosis system from Kinetico, the undisputed leader in water softener and filtration products.

The K5 will do a phenomenal job eliminating contaminants from your home’s water supply. You’ll have water that’s 99.9 percent pure that you can use with complete confidence. There’s no comparison between the K5 and other reverse osmosis systems. The K5 gets rid of far more contaminants, and it’s far more reliable.

You might be one of those homeowners who doesn’t mind having a few extra minerals in their water. If that’s the case, the K5 has a Mineral Plus feature. It will remove most minerals but allow a certain amount of them to remain. This is just one of the many customizable options the K5 offers.

The Basics

Trying to explain all of the science behind reverse osmosis will take a lot more space and more time than you want to spend. But we need to explain the osmosis process briefly.

Picture a full glass of water. Inside the glass is a membrane (or filter) splitting the water in half. There’s regular water on one side of the glass and a mixture of water and salt on the other. As the plain water moves through the membrane, that starts to balance out the salt content of the other side. When enough plan water gets through, the salt gets diluted. This puts the water in a state of osmotic pressure. In a nutshell, that’s how osmosis works.

So, what is reverse osmosis? It simply means adding enough pressure to counteract the process of creating osmotic pressure. You do this when you turn on a bathroom or kitchen faucet. The water moves through the membrane, with reverse osmosis trapping contaminants inside. Pure water comes out.

Why is the Water Test So Important?

The test will help determine what type of K5 protection you’ll need. Suppose your test shows a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as cleaning supplies and other potentially dangerous chemicals, in your water supply. You can use the K5 VOC Guard to remove them. The K5 Purefecta Guard will remove bacteria and viruses. There are other specialized features available as well.

Free Water Analysis

Aquarius will come to your home and test your water for a variety of issues such as contaminants, hardness, minerals, chlorine, sediment and more. For Free. No obligation. Learn what is in your home’s water today.

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The professionals with Aquarius Water Conditioning can perform a drinking water test in Brainerd, MN, whenever you like. Just use our convenient online form to get in touch or call us at 888-741-9025. Let us make your water cleaner than you may have ever thought was possible.

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We love our Kinetico whole-home water treatment system.  No residue around our faucets.  No smelly well water.  My wife loves what Kinetico water does for her hair and skin and the Sherck boys LOVE the Kinetico K5 Drinking System (They fill their water bottles before hockey and soccer practices).

Clean, healthy, great-tasing water.  That is Kinetico!”

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