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Why Do Kinetico Softeners Reign Supreme?

A water softener provides numerous benefits, both ones you can see right away (like better tasting water, smoother skin, and softer clothes) and ones you can’t (like improved health). But not all water softeners are created equal. That’s why we here at Aquarius Water Conditioning are proud to be an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water Softeners — the only systems capable of making your water 99.99% pure.

Kinetico Softeners Reign Supreme
What Sets Kinetico® Softeners Apart From the Competition?

  • Non-electric. Imagine if every time you had guests over and needed to use a little extra water, you had to let your system rest for a few hours. Pretty inconvenient, right? With a non-electric Kinetico model, that problem is a thing of the past. Because Kinetico systems are powered by the force of water, you’ll never have to worry about giving your system some “downtime” between showers and laundry.
  • Continuous performance. Kinetico’s “smart technology” means you’ll enjoy consistent, quality performance for years. Even in a blackout, your water will remain free-flowing.
  • Cost-effective. When compared to electric models, Kinetico systems are initially a bit more expensive. BUT, because electric models run on electricity, they’ll take a toll on your monthly electric bill.

Kinetico® Reviews

We could talk all day long about why Kinetico is the way to go, but we think it’s even more impressive when we let our customers do the talking!

The employees here [at Aquarius] are so nice, friendly and accommodating. They treated us so special today. We look forward to the KClub we signed up for today. We love Kinetico and the people that work here!” – Joan S.

We have a full house system and the Kinetico5RO system for our drinking water…Our water quality has made a world of difference with our laundry, drinking water, no spots on our faucets, etc…Aquarius has been wonderful to work with; great service.” – Dan M.

Very happy with the Kinetico system overall. Can tell a huge difference in only a few days. Our skin feels better already.” – Doug R.

We have had our Kinetico units for nine years and have always received high quality service from Wade. We appreciate his skill and professionalism. He’s always prompt and friendly.” – James M.

I’m so excited about my new Kinetico water softener. It’s a fantastic product. Also, my thanks to everyone at Aquarius for making the scheduling and installation so easy.” – Ed C.

I LOVE our Kinetico water softener.” – Jessie S.

Are you ready to learn more about how installing a Kinetico water softening system can benefit you and your family? Just give the water treatment experts at Aquarius Water Conditioning a call! We’ll provide you with a complimentary water analysis and explain each option you have to help bring the softest, most pure water into your home day-in and day-out.
For more information, call 888-741-9058 or fill out our digital consultation request form today.

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