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Is Softened Water Safe for Plants?

We’ve said it time and time again — softened water is better for your hair, skin, laundry, and plumbing. Even so, some people still wonder if softened water is better for your plants. Well, the answer is a bit yes and a bit no. Different kinds of treated water can be beneficial for your lawn, plants, and garden.

Plants and Soft Water

If you have a traditional salt-based water softener, you shouldn’t use only this water to water your lawn and plants, since the salt can dry out your plants. However, it’s fine to use this softened water in conjunction with rainwater for your lawn.

If you have a saltless water softening system, your water is perfectly safe to use to water your plants and lawn.

Plants and Reverse Osmosis Water

The contaminants in your plants — minerals, bacteria, iron, etc. — can have a big effect on the health and growth of your flora.  That’s where reverse osmosis treatment systems help. RO systems very effectively remove contaminants from your water so they won’t hurt your garden and ruin your plant’s health.

Reverse osmosis treatment systems can also affect the pH levels of your water, so any delicate plants that need a certain acidity level to thrive will get the right kind of water necessary.

Tips for Watering Your Garden

    • Water at the Right Time: Aim to water your plants in the early morning or at night so the sun doesn’t evaporate the water and leave your garden dry.


  • Don’t Overwater: You should always check your soil before watering your garden to ensure you’re not feeding your plants too much water. Keep an eye out for wilting plants, as this is a sign of overwatering.

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