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How to Test for Hard Water

While local municipalities are required to provide homeowners and businesses with running water that meets federal standards, there’s a good chance that those standards might not be up to par for you personally. Many water distribution systems have been proven to deliver hard water — water high in minerals. In fact, hard water issues are so common that they persist in 85% of homes nationwide. That’s precisely why we take water testing and analysis seriously, using only the best and most accurate methods for proven results.

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The Titration Test – Using a method called titration, we add chemicals to the initial water sample that gives it a distinct color. From there, we add drops of an additional chemical one by one until the color changes again. The number of drops it takes for the color to change measures the waters grains of hardness — with anything more than 1 grain being categorized as hard.

While the titration test is the most chemically sound, there are a number of DIY friendly ways to test your water at home as well. Here are two of the most common.:

The Soap Test – Simply fill ⅓ of a clean water bottle with a water sample. Then, add a few drops of basic, uncolored soap — Castile works best. Shake it up and observe! If your water is clear with fluffy bubbles filling the top of the bottle, your water is soft. However, if bubbles are minimal and the water appears cloudy, hard water issues are present.

The Tea Test – If you thought the soap test was easy, the tea test will blow your mind! Simply make a cup of tea as usual, allow it to steep and take a look. Soft water will produce a clear, crisp cup of tea, while hard water will produce a muddied, dull cup.

So, what’s in your water? If you’re not sure, the time to sign up for a free water analysis from Aquarius Water Conditioning is now! Simply fill out a contact form online or give us a call at 888-741-9025 to request your FREE water test today.

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