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What Does a Home Water Softener Do?

A water softener provides numerous benefits, both ones you can see right away (like better tasting water, smoother skin, and softer clothes) and ones you can’t (like improved health). But not all water softeners are created equal.

That’s why Aquarius Water Conditioning is proud to be an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water Softeners. Kinetico water softeners specialize in providing the lowest maintenance, longest life and highest efficiency for water treatment in your home 

Why Choose A Kinetico Water Softener?

We really can’t say enough about the brand. We are truly privileged to offer such high-quality water treatment options to our customers throughout the Minnesota and Wisconsin area. If you’re considering purchasing a water softening system, but are unsure which is best for you, the answer is always Kinetico.

With a Kinetico water softener system, you’ll:

  • Save Money: You’ll use fewer detergents and cleaners and still have better cleaning results. Scale, soap scum and hard water stains are a thing of the past.
  • Protect Your Plumbing: With soft water flowing throughout your plumbing pipes and fixtures, you’ll eliminate scale build-up and save money on costly repairs and replacement. Need a plumber? We can help.
  • Protect Appliances: Clean, soft water extends the life of your washer, dishwasher, refrigerator and any appliance that uses water.
  • Eliminate Water Spotting: Hard water spots are gone when dishes, glasses, and silverware are washed in soft water.
  • Whiter & Brighter Laundry: Detergents work better in soft water. Not only will you use less detergent, your laundry will be brighter and whiter than ever before.
  • Smoother Skin & Hair: Bathing with soft water is like bathing in a luxurious spa. No more itchy, dry skin or hair. You will feel the difference the very first time you experience it!

When it comes to home water softeners, there is no better brand than Kinetico! If you are in need of a new water softener, look no further than our wide variety of Kinetico Series Water Softeners!

Home Water Softeners in Minnesota & Wisconsin

A Kinetico Water Softener will provide your family with abundant clean, soft water on demand. From multi-tank systems powered by the energy of moving water to a more traditional approach, Aquarius Water Conditioning covers all your options. We will work with you to choose the water softener that’s right for your home and your family — we guarantee it!

Kinetico Series Water Softeners

Kinetico Water Softeners MN | Hard Water Testing Minnesota

Kinetico has taken its best water softener and made it even better. With improvements that make the Kinetico Series even more efficient and effective, these water softeners are ideal for homes with the most challenging water conditions; whether that be well water or municipally treated water.

Kinetico Series water softeners are the “go to” products for more severe water challenges, like very hard water with iron. Certain models can even tackle the jobs of removing chlorine and particulate matter from water in addition to making the water soft.  Our water specialists will test your water in order to recommend the system that will work best for you.

The Kinetico Series water treatment systems only operate when needed, without the use of electricity. Without computers or timers to program, set, repair or replace your water softener will last for many years and are backed by the best warranties in the business!

Kinetico Essential Series

Kinetico Essential Series Water Softener | Kinetico Water Softeners MN

Kinetico has packed the power and ease of non-electric operation into a single-tank water softener. With a compact design, this softener is perfect for homes with limited space. The Essential Series systems will handle basic, uncomplicated water conditions without the need for a timer, clock or computer.

Like other Kinetico products, Essential Series softeners operate using water power, not electricity. No more setting, adjusting or repairing, and no more headaches. It’s that simple — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Available in a sleek, compact design, it’s the perfect solution, where a more robust system isn’t really necessary, but reliability is.

Powerline Series

Electronic Powerline Water Softener | Kinetico Water Softeners WI
Our electronic, single-tank option is for those who prefer a more traditional method for softening water. These systems require a bit more attention from you, but they get the job done right.

The electric Powerline softener economically eliminates hard water spots, mineral deposits, scale buildup, iron stains and soap scum. It features an easy-to-use 12-day calendar clock to set its automatic regeneration and is covered by a 1-year warranty on all parts.

A Water Conditioning Success Story:

We recently worked with a couple from St. Paul, Minnesota, who found that their water was hard and doing damage to their pipes and drains due to excess calcium buildup. They decided to call Aquarius Water Conditioning because of our expertise in water. We explained how softening the water would help reduce the damage caused by the hard water and calcium deposits. There are a few different water softeners available, so we took some time to review the options with them.

Consumers Digest Best Buy

When it comes to water conditioning in Minnesota & Wisconsin, we recommend water softeners made by Kinetico.  Kinetico is the best when it comes to the toughest water.

For this particular family we suggested the Kinetico Premier Series, which was awarded “best buy” multiple years in a row by Consumers Digest.  The Kinetico Premier Series is a water softener that is more efficient than all previous Kinetico systems; in fact, it’s rated as the Worlds Most Efficient!

It is a high-flow system that has multiple tanks so it will supply a continuous amount of soft and clean water. After reviewing some of the options the couple decided to go with the Kinetico Premier water conditioning system. 

We helped with the installation of the water softener and made sure that they were set up with everything necessary to remove the hard water and calcium deposits from their home. Now that the water softener is in place, they can enjoy the taste of their water the way it was meant to be. The end result? A flawlessly functioning water softening system and a very happy couple!

Call Aquarius for Water Softening in Minnesota & Wisconsin

Over the years we have provided many people in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas with water softener systems that help increase the safety of drinking water in their homes.

We also provide a FREE analysis to test for hard water in your Minnesota or Wisconsin home. We have a wide service area in MN and WI that we sell our water softeners to.

Here is a complete list of cities that we provide our water softening services to:



If you live in any of these cities and are in need of a new water softener, contact a water specialist online or call toll-free: 1-888-741-9025 for a free quote and in-home water analysis.

For more information, check out our blog: Water Softener FAQs: Common Water Softening Questions Answered