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Our Water Softeners Work Brilliantly

A Kinetico Water Softener will provide your family with abundant clean, soft water on demand. From multi-tank systems powered by the energy of moving water to a more traditional approach, Aquarius Water Conditioning covers all your options. We will work with you to choose the water softener that’s right for your home and your family.

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Kinetico Series

Kinetico Series Water Softener Kinetico has taken its best water softener and made it even better. With improvements that make the Kinetico Series even more efficient and effective, these water softeners are ideal for homes with the most challenging water conditions; whether that be well water or municipally treated water.

Kinetico Series water softeners are the “go to” products for more severe water challenges, like very hard water with iron. Certain models can even tackle the jobs of removing chlorine and particulate matter from water in addition to making the water soft.  Our water specialists will test your water in order to recommend the system that will work best for you.

The Kinetico Series water treatment systems only operate when needed, without the use of electricity. Without computers or timers to program, set, repair or replace your Kinetico water softener will last for many years and are backed by the best warranties in the business!


Kinetico Essential Series

Kinetico Essential Series water softener Kinetico has packed the power and ease of non-electric operation into a single-tank water softener. With a compact design, this softener is perfect for homes with limited space. The Essential Series systems will handle basic, uncomplicated water conditions without the need for a timer, clock or computer.

Like other Kinetico products, Essential softeners operate using water power, not electricity. So you can forget about clocks and timers. No more setting, adjusting or repairing, and no more headaches. It’s that simple; we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Available in a sleek, compact design, it’s the perfect solution, where a more robust system isn’t really necessary but reliability is.



Electronic Powerline Water Softener Our electronic, single-tank option is for those who prefer a more traditional method for softening water. These systems require a bit more attention from you, but they get the job done right.

The electric Powerline softener economically eliminates hard water spots, mineral deposits, scale buildup, iron stains and soap scum.

It features an easy-to-use 12-day calendar clock to set its automatic regeneration and is covered by a 1-year warranty on all parts.


Contact a water specialist online or call toll-free: 1-888-741-9025 for more information or help testing your water.