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Hard Water & Water Softener FAQ

With hard water problems persisting in 85% of homes nationwide, and a large portion of those being in Minnesota or Wisconsin, it’s very possible that your home has been affected. Unfortunately, most folks have a hard time distinguishing whether their water is hard or soft, or worse, don’t know how to correct the issue once it’s been detected. Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions that may help.

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Q: How is my tap water regulated?

If your water comes from a public or municipal water system, it’s required to meet certain testing standards before leaving the facility and coming into your home. However, that doesn’t mean that every contaminant will be filtered out entirely. Read more about the tap water regulation process in our recent blog to get the full scoop.

Q: How can I tell if I have hard water?

Water is water, right? Wrong! We recently did a Hard v. Soft Water Showdown, explaining the difference between the two and what kinds of signs and symptoms to look out for. Most often, homeowners with hard water will experience stiff and dingy looking linens, dry skin and hair, and unwelcome residue on dishes, glassware and even in sinks and bathtubs.

Q: What is water softening water and how is it beneficial?

In order to soften water, a salt solution, or brine, is used to perform a “scientific swap” between the salt and the hardness minerals present. A more detailed explanation of how water softeners work is available on our website. In short, choosing to condition your hard water can make cleaning, showering and appliance shopping a whole lot easier and less stressful!

Q: Salt or electric? Which water softening system is best?

It all depends on what you’d like to accomplish! The main difference between salt and electric softeners, is that electric ones do not actually remove minerals from the water. Instead, they restructure them electrically through Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), which makes it so the hardness crystals cannot adhere and cause scaling. Since hard water minerals are still present, certain pesky hard water symptoms will be as well.

Looking to know more about the tap water running through your home, or the water conditioning methods available to help better it? Feel free to check out some FAQ’s from Kinetico Water Systems, or contact an Aquarius Water Conditioning specialist at 1-888-741-9025 today.

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