Drinking Water Test Hudson, WI

A drinking water test in Hudson, WI, from Aquarius Water Conditioning might be just the thing to help ease your mind regarding the quality of the water you use to drink, bathe, prepare your food, and wash your clothes and dishes. Our professionals can provide a free test to identify many contaminants that could make your water taste or smell odd or stain your clothes. Once we get to the bottom of the problem, we’ll have the perfect solution – a water filtration system from Kinetico, the undisputed industry leader. 

Drinking Water Test Hudson, WIIt’s important to note that some contaminants can only be found through testing by a state-certified laboratory. We’ll show you precisely what you need to do if that proves necessary.

Is There Sulfur in Your Water?

One of the contaminants we can find is sulfur. Water should have no taste or smell. However, if there’s sulfur in it, that will be anything but true. You might even notice an odor that’s somewhat similar to rotten eggs. It’s not much different from what you smell when your home has a gas leak.

When bacteria use sulfur for food, the waste they produce is known as sulfuric gas. An excessive amount of sulfur in your water could result in stains, which you’ll notice on your toilets as well as your sinks. But you could even have stains on your clothes after you take them out of the wash. That’s where the smell is coming from.

Sulfur in your water can be more than an annoyance, however. It could eventually cost you a great deal of money. It can do so much damage to your pipes that you might have to replace them, spending thousands of dollars – or maybe tens of thousands – in the process.

Don’t take this to mean that sulfur is completely bad. As long as you don’t ingest too much, it’s essential for making your body function properly. Too much sulfur can harm your health, putting you at a higher risk of dehydration and diarrhea. The vast majority of us get more than enough in dairy products such as cheese and eggs.

Other Culprits Behind Bad-Smelling Water

Sulfur isn’t the only reason your water could smell bad. A metallic smell indicates that zinc, iron, or copper from your pipes has flaked off and gotten into your water. Chlorine can do the same thing. If the water that comes out of your sink smells like it came out of a swimming pool, it means you have too much in your system.

Sometimes, water can smell like something similar to a wet dog. This could signify that you have an accumulation of algae in your plumbing.

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