Featured Aquarius & Kinetico Customer Reviews

For 30 Years, Aquarius Has Been Earning the Right to be RecommendedTM

Dan M.  

"We have a full house system and the K5 RO system for our drinking water. Simply put, we love our Kinetico filtration systems. Our daughter prefers our water to soft drinks. Our water quality has made a world of difference with our laundry, drinking water, no spots on our faucets, etc...Aquarius has been wonderful to work with; great service."

Doug R. via ReviewBuzz

Very happy with the Kinetico system overall. Can tell a huge difference in only a few days. Our skin feels better already. Our installer Jason was professional and knowledgeable. Our experience, starting with the online water test appointment was pleasant and stress free.

Jon and Donna N.  

We have had our Kinetico system for six months and it is exceptional - no odor or rust. Service from Aquarius has also been exceptional - great people to work with and responsive to requests.

Jessie S. via Yelp

"I LOVE our Kinetico water softener. To determine what type of softener you need someone comes to your house and gets their Mr. Wizard/Bill Nye the Science Guy on. He does a variety of experiments to demonstrate the evils of hard water. To show how much soap is left in your "clean" laundry he rinses a clean towel with water softened with his handy dandy hand held softener, then he show compares bubbles made with softened vs unsoftened water but his big finale is making you wash your hands with bar soap then rinse one with your regular hard water and one with the softened water. Then you have to lick the back of your hand. Blech. The one rinsed with the normal water tasted like liking the soap directly. I really like that the softener we chose has a filter in it so its like all of our water is Brita filtered without actually having to buy the filters. We opted to rent our softener because our next house may not have the same filtering needs."

James M. via ReviewBuzz

We have had our Kinetico units for 9 years and have always received high quality service from Wade. We appreciate his skill and professionalism. He's always prompt and friendly.

Joan S  

"We have had the soft water and drinking water system for many years and absolutely would not be without. The employees here [at Aquarius] are so nice- friendly and accommodating. They treated us so special today. We look forward to the KClub we signed up for today. We love Kinetico and the people that work here!"

Ed G. via ReviewBuzz

"Trevor was great.. Explained everything and was extremely helpful.. A professional and energetic member of your team with excellent interpersonal skills as well. Ed Greenman"

Ed C. via Google+

"I'm so excited about my new Kinetico water softener. It's a fantastic product. Also, my thanks to everyone at Aquarius for making the scheduling and installation so easy. They scheduled the appointment at my convenience, made numerous calls to remind me of the appointment and then kept me apprised the day of the installation when the tech would arrive. Dave, the installer, was very personable. He explained the process before he began work, he thoroughly cleaned his work space and patiently explained how the equipment works. I couldn't be more pleased. This is the second time I've hired Aquarius to do work for me, and I'll hire them again."

Ron Schara & Raven  

"I have Kinetico in my home and love it!" Ron Schara and Raven would not be without their Kinetico water!

Demitria S via Facebook

We had no idea how hard our water was until Dave came out and tested it and at this point we knew that we had to do something about it!  Let me tell you, it was he best decision we've made for our entire family! I absolutely love our new water and how it tastes, and I love how convenient having a separate water faucet with seriously great water that comes out of it for our drinking/cooking needs!! Our clothes and skin thank us too, the water is absolutely perfect now!! Brandon was such a great guy who installed our system and was awesome with our puppy, who just loved him and was very curious as to what was all happening! We couldn't be any more happy! Thanks again!!!