PFAS in Water

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Issues with PFAS in Water

PFAS (or Per-and polyfluoroalkyl Substances) represent a large grouping of man-made chemicals that include: PFOS and PFOA. These compounds are commonly found in our drinking water and food supplies. PFAS is present in both private and public wells and can cause serious health side effects when ingested in high concentrations.


As a man-made chemical with an ultra-long lifespan, it takes a long time for this compound to break apart or decompose—we're talking millions of years! This unfortunately means that PFAS stays in our bodies after we ingest it via water or food.


According to the EPA, traces of PFAS in your drinking water can lead to health risks, including cancer, liver effects, immune effects, and other serious health issues, especially for infants who are still developing.


A study conducted by scientists at the Environmental Working Group found that of the 44 water samples taken from U.S. cities, only 1 didn't have PFAs, including PFOA. Currently, the EPA is moving forward to regulate PFOA and PFOS in drinking water, as this does not yet exist.


There are several areas in both Minnesota and Wisconsin that contain PFAs in their drinking water. Even if you don't live by one of the dots on a PFAS water contamination map, your drinking water may still be in danger.

Need a PFAS Water Filter Solution?

A leader in water filtration and conditioning, Kinetico products are designed to safely remove man-made contaminants like PFAS, as well as organic minerals from your home’s water supply.

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PFAS water testing can only be performed in a lab. However, if you live near an area that is affected by high concentrations of PFAS, you might have other contaminants lurking in your water supply, as well. Contact us for a free, in-home water analysis. 

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Frequently asked questions

PFAS is a grouping of man-made chemicals, and of its many components, the two most studied are PFOS and PFOA. These chemicals were widely used in the manufacturing of popular household and packaging products in the United States, including furniture fabrics, paper food packaging, carpets, and non-stick cookware (EPA).

Because these chemicals were not properly disposed of in their heyday, they seeped into groundwater, contaminating nearby well water and wildlife.

PFAS not only affects the quality of our drinking water and health, but it also can contaminate fish and other wildlife in our region. The only way to test for PFAS is to request lab testing in your nearby area.

The current nationally recommended level of PFOS and PFOA is 70 parts per trillion (ppt). But in the state of Minnesota, this number is much less: 

  • PFOS (15 ppt)
  • PFOA (35 ppt)

Yes! Kinetico was among the first water conditioning brands to have its products certified by the NSF for PFAS removal. And as a certified Kinetico dealer, we can help you install an advanced filtration system in your home that safely removes chemicals like PFAS, as well as other man-made and natural compounds.

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