Chlorine in Water

Used to treat water and kill bacteria, but is it ok for you to consume?

Common Issues With Chlorine In Water

Excessive Chlorine Side Effects

In high amounts, chlorine has been known to cause skin, eye, and respiratory issues. Municipalities that add chlorine to water monitor chlorine levels to keep them below the Environmental Protection Agency's standards. However, some people may find that they are more sensitive to chlorine than those standards take into account.

Chlorine Is Added to Tap Water

Chlorine, in proper amounts, plays a role in killing bacteria that could show up in drinking water. This is a great way to keep water free from bacteria while it is being stored in a water supply, but that doesn't mean we have to ingest the chlorine ourselves. Filtration systems can get rid of chlorine in our homes, so our drinking water can be safer!

Chlorine Can Damage Your Home Equipment

Chlorine in your water supply can negatively affect household equipment that is hooked up to it, such as your water softener, dishwasher, or washing machine. Chlorine oxidizes rubber parts, making them wear out faster than usual. This can lead to costly repairs down the line.

Chlorine in Water Can Affect Taste

Have you ever had a glass of water that just tasted ... off? When municipalities add chlorine to drinking water, it can sometimes affect its taste and smell. Proper filtration systems can give you the clean-tasting water you desire.

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Chlorine in Drinking Water

Frequently asked questions

For the most part, it is safe to drink water that has been treated with chlorine. However, issues can arise when too much of this chemical is ingested. Some people have adverse skin and eye reactions to high chlorine levels.

Other health problems that can arise from the prolonged presence of chlorine include respiratory distress, chest tightness, and a sore throat. The CDC states that water with 4 or fewer parts per million of chlorine is safe to drink and is unlikely to cause adverse health effects.

Chlorine can corrode metals or oxidize any rubber parts in your equipment. This can drastically reduce the lifespan of your appliances or lead to costly repairs for machines like your dishwasher, water heater, washing machine, or water softener.

Setting up a proper filtration system can completely remove chlorine from your water supply, preventing these problems from ever occurring in the first place and saving you significant amounts of money.

Your water may smell and taste differently if it has excess chlorine in it. Some people describe the taste of chlorinated drinking water as similar to pool water. It could even smell like bleach. These are definitely not the flavors or aromas you hope to find in your drinking water. Nevertheless, relying on your senses isn’t enough for you to know for sure if too much chlorine is present.

The only way to tell how much chlorine is in your water supply is to have it tested by a professional like the experts at Aquarius Home Services. Aquarius Home Services offers free in-home water tests to determine what contaminants, if any, are present in your water. From there, our water quality professionals will work with you to create a personalized plan that will help you get the cleanest, safest water possible for you and your family.

High quality and comprehensive water filtration systems are the only way you can make sure your drinking water is completely free from chlorine and other contaminants. The professionals at Aquarius Water Conditioning recommend dechlorination equipment and a complete filtration system from Kinetico to keep your home’s water clean, safe, and tasting great!

We can order the products and parts you need and install them in your home in a professional and timely manner.

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Our Customers say

"From sales to installation Aquarius is top notch. We moved into new construction condo unit only to find out 8 weeks later our city water was extremely hard and full of sediment and Chlorine. One phone call later Aquarius (Hanson Plumbing) was at our service. Mark recommended the best system for our needs and Cory installed a few days later. Very clean, very respectful of our residence and thoroughly explained the operation of the unit. They wore boot protectors and covered the flooring to protect from dirt or scratches during the installation. Highly recommend Kinetico and Aquarius!"
Katie Marquardt
"Justin came to check out our system as it seemed to re-generate at inconvenient times. He informed us that when the power goes off it affected the setting for re-generation. This we did not know. He checked the chemical we used and found it to be nearly depleted. Justin was very helpful and courteous. He went about his work in a professional manner and knew his product well. He tested the water and explained each test. He is someone I highly recommend."
Jim Reppert
"I called for a service appointment, and got one within a couple days. He explained possible costs and gave us a couple options of fixing our unit before replacing the parts that were apparently damaged by chlorine in our Blaine water system. We made a choice we felt comfortable with; he went to work and finished the job in reasonable time. Another feature we liked: When we made the appointment, Kinetico sent an email showing the person who made our appointment and the service person that would be doing the job. We feel we had excellent service."
Charlie C.
"Water tastes so good! And just got my first tune up for the furnace. Professional service technicians and very polite. Nothing bad to say about them. You get what you pay for."
Chris Pinotti

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