Arsenic in water

How To Remove Arsenic From Your Drinking Water

Remove Arsenic From Drinking Water

Arsenic Is Dangerous

Drinking water that contains arsenic has been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and developmental issues in children. Water laced with arsenic can also pose a health risk when it is used to water crops and prepare food.

Arsenic Is Odorless, Colorless, and Flavorless

You can't smell, see, or taste arsenic in your drinking water, meaning that regular testing is the only way to know if your water supply is safe from arsenic. Aquarius Water Conditioning offers free in-home testing.

Arsenic Can Be Removed

Several types of water filtration systems reliably remove arsenic from water supplies. Kinetico's water filtration systems can remove all traces of arsenic and several other dangerous contaminants found in drinking water.

Arsenic in MN & WI

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, about 40% of new wells created in Minnesota since 2008 have shown detectable levels of arsenic in their water supply. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also found significant arsenic levels in wells in many parts of the state.

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Frequently asked questions

Arsenic is one of many components that make up the earth’s crust, and it is naturally present in soil and rocks all over the world.

Arsenic is a toxic substance in its inorganic form, and it can be found in the air, water, and land. We typically take in small amounts of arsenic from the air we breathe and the food we eat.

We can also ingest it from the water we drink. In small amounts, it doesn’t appear to have adverse health effects.

Because arsenic is found in rocks and soil, it can leach into a groundwater supply through wells. When it comes to installing wells, there is no way to tell how much arsenic is in a water supply before new wells are drilled into the ground.

Arsenic levels in groundwater can vary widely even among wells that are in close proximity to one another. The fact that one well has arsenic-free water does not mean another nearby well has the same.

Arsenic is also commonly used in some pesticides, wood treatments, and tobacco manufacturing. Some industries, like mining, also release more arsenic into the environment, which can, in turn, end up in a household’s water supply.

Arsenic can also be released into the air from volcano eruptions. The volcanic ash eventually settles on the ground and water, bringing arsenic with it.

Yes, drinking water that contains high amounts of arsenic in it can be incredibly harmful to a person’s health.

In the short term, drinking water that contains arsenic can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. In more extreme cases of arsenic poisoning, people can experience numbness, muscle cramping, and death.

In the long term, arsenic exposure is highly associated with certain cancers such as those of the bladder, lung, liver, and more. It has also been shown to increase a person’s risk of developing diabetes as well as cardiovascular and lung disease.
Arsenic consumption is also linked with birth defects and infant death. Kids who were exposed to arsenic during pregnancy are more likely to experience cancer, heart attacks, and kidney failure. In children, arsenic can also lead to cognitive issues and skin lesions. Using water with high levels of arsenic for food preparation and watering crops or gardens can also lead to these health issues. Arsenic-related illnesses and diseases can take years to develop and manifest.

The organic form of arsenic (meaning it is chemically linked with carbon or other elements) is much less toxic than inorganic arsenic that appears in water supplies. Organic arsenic is found in certain foods like fish and shellfish and is not considered toxic enough to cause adverse health effects.

Arsenic, unlike other water contaminants, cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled in your drinking water. Many people don’t bother to get their water tested until something appears off, but arsenic displays no such signs. The only way to know if your water supply contains arsenic is to have a professional perform a test.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set a maximum permissible level of inorganic arsenic at 10 parts per billion (ppb). Private wells are not regulated, so it is critical that those who use private wells get their water tested frequently for arsenic and other contaminants. Arsenic is more commonly found in drinking water in rural communities, especially in the Midwest, Southwest, and Northeast.

At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we offer free in-home water testing. This allows us to see what contaminants are present in your home’s water supply so that we can work with you to create a comprehensive, cost-effective water treatment plan.

Some folks wonder if heating or boiling their water before consuming it will make it safe from arsenic. Unfortunately, boiling your water does not remove arsenic or make it less dangerous in your water. Interestingly, boiling your water can actually increase the arsenic’s concentration because some water evaporates in the boiling process.

The best way to make sure all traces of arsenic are removed from your water supply is by installing a comprehensive water filtration system like those available through Kinetico. Kinetico is a trusted, American-made brand of water filtration systems that can give your family clean, great-tasting water for years to come. At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we recommend the Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station, which has up to nine stages of filtration. This trusty device filters out over 99% of contaminants, and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

We also offer other Kinetico drinking water filtration options as well as water softening equipment and maintenance plans! We take your home’s water seriously, and we pride ourselves on providing your family with affordable and professional water treatment products and services. Contact us today.

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"Trevor was here this week to provide the semi-annual maintenance of our system. He has serviced the system before, and he continues to provide courteous and very helpful maintenance. He reviews our plan, explains what he is doing and what the results of the tests mean. He discussed how I could determine if our well is contaminated with arsenic, as this is a problem that our neighbor has. He also explained that there are options to correct this situation and our tannin content. We discussed possible solutions to solve the difference between the iron content in the cold and hot water. He was never "pushy" when giving options that might be added in the future. He left with me knowing that I could contact him at any time to discuss a problem or to seek assistance to"
Kathy Fuller
"The technician was punctual, courteous, knowledgable and thorough. So glad we decided to have a water filtration, purification system put in our home a couple of years ago. No more arsenic or iron. Healthy living through pure water!!
Christine Kons
"They arrived on time were skilled at there job, showed me how the system operated and explained basic maintenance of the water softener. I have confidence in the product and am already enjoying the quality of the water.🙂"
Mark Rudningen

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