Specialty Applications

Benefits Of Better Water For Specialty Applications

Better Water Benefits

Specialty Applications for Commercial Water Systems Tough water problems require industrial-grade solutions. If your business has a problem with water and you are not sure where to start, we can help. Kinetico’s commercial water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis systems and saltless solutions are made to deal with just about any water problem your business might face. Our commercial team will partner with you to design a system that fits your unique needs and provides all the benefits of high quality water.

Better-tasting food, beverages, and drinking water

Deliver great-tasting drinking water to your customers or employees and improve the flavor of food and beverages that use water as an ingredient.

Ruggedly responsible

Rest assured that your water treatment system is made to exceed your expectations without consuming any extra energy or wasting any extra water.

Achieve reliable results

Ensure that your water performs consistently in any application by reducing contaminants and improving water quality.

Lower operating expenses

Reduce detergent costs and energy consumption by up to 40% and enable chemicals and equipment to operate as intended.

Protects and extends the life of your equipment

Improve the return on your investment by significantly reducing scale buildup and corrosion caused by water contaminants.

Tailored Solutions

Work with Kinetico’s commercial water experts to create a water treatment system that fits your unique needs.

dave lee

I tell my family and friends on and off the air, that I trust Aquarius. They installed my new cooling and heating system, a much-loved tankless water heater and have taken care of my water concerns for years. They are great at what they do and I am so proud to recommend them.

Dave Lee