Why You Need Whole House Water Filtration

Don’t you wish you could say sayonara to bottled water once and for all? Cue the whole home water filtration system! Filtering your tap water can save you a ton of money at the supermarket and even down the line at your local home improvement or department store. How, you ask? Read on to find out more about why the time to invest in whole house water filtration is now.

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Clean water, everywhere.

Many people utilize a drinking water filtration system, which of course has it’s perks, but imagine if you could have that same crisp, clean water running out of every faucet? With a whole house water filtration system, you can!

Soft linens, always.

Say goodbye to the days of scruffy, scratchy towels and lackluster sheets. With a whole house filtration system, you’ll enjoy the benefit of washing your clothes with pure, chlorine and hard mineral free water.

Banish soap scum, for good.

Not only will softened water be free of minerals that cause scaling, but filtered water will also contain less chlorine and therefore cut back on soap scum. That’s good news for your faucets and your dishwasher!

Cleaner air, guaranteed.

Without all those chemical vapors floating around in your water, there will be less floating around in your air as well. This helps alleviate the effects of asthma and allergies. Plus, it boosts health overall.

Are you ready to install a whole house water filtration and softening system to protect your home and loved ones from the damaging effects of hard minerals and harsh chemicals? If so, Aquarius Water Conditioning is the only name you need to know!

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Laura Schara

Kinetico is an essential part of my home because I care about my health.  Kinetico K5 drinking system removes 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, out of my drinking water.  Not only can I taste the difference, but I feel good knowing that I am only consuming clean pure water.  When you have kinetico, less plastic water bottles are used, which is beneficial to our environment.  

Laura Schara

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