Why Does My Tap Taste Salty?

Does Your Water Taste Salty?

Think about any time you’ve gone on vacation, went to the beach, and accidentally swallowed a mouthful of salt water. Yuck! It’s bad enough having to endure that taste once or twice, but imagine having to deal with it every time you pour a glass of tap water.

You can experience tap water that tastes salty for a number of reasons — but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for it.

What Causes Tap Water to Taste Salty?

High Chloride Ion

If there is a high amount of chloride ions in your water supply, your tap water will taste like it came straight from the ocean. While the EPA sets a limit on how high the chloride ion levels can be in your water, it’s not really enforced.

High Sulfate Concentrations

This can include high levels of magnesium sulfate or sodium sulfate, both of which can have an unfortunate laxative effect on your body if you keep drinking the contaminated water. What’s worse is that, like the chloride ion limit, the EPA’s limit of the level of sulfate concentrations is also rarely enforced.

Your Water Softener

Sometimes, if your sodium-based water softener is damaged, malfunctioning or settings need be adjusted it can cause your tap water to taste salty. The good news is that this is usually able to be fixed by repairing or adjusting the water softener.

Ridding Your Water of a Salty Taste

A good water filtration system should be able to rid your home’s water of the contaminants that make your tap water taste salty and NOT leave a salty in your tap water. If youre particularly sensivie to salt or other negative flavors in your water, consider a Revere Osmosis drinking water system.  A good R.O. system will filter out EVERYTHING but the H2O molecule from your drinking water. 

At Aquarius Water Conditioning, we can perform a free water analysis and install a water filtration system best suited for your home’s needs. For the best drinking water in Minnesota and Wisconsin, give us a call at 888-741-9025.