Why Does Water Taste Different Everywhere?

If you’ve ever left the Twin Cities and ventured to a different part of the world, country, or even just a different part of the state, you may have noticed that water elsewhere isn’t what you’re used to. In fact, you can probably bet that the smell, texture, and taste are going to be drastically different at each stop you make along your travel path. Pretty crazy to think about, especially being that water is just a simple mix of hydrogen and oxygen, right? …Ehh, not so much.

Why is water different in other places?

Water might look the same no matter where you go (for the most part), but it’s totally different compositionally. The original source, treatment, and delivery of your water all pay a huge role in how it looks, smells and tastes when it comes from your tap.

Do you have a private well, or does your water get funneled in from your local municipality? Wherever it comes from, it will have absorbed certain properties based on the minerals present at origination, and the chemicals used to disinfect and treat your water before it reaches your faucet. Different areas are home to different contaminants, making both water properties and water treatment techniques unique to each area.

For example, if the soil surrounding your well is rich in iron or sulfur, your water may have a rotten egg odor or natural metallic taste. If you get your water from a local municipality, depending on the water regulation rules in your area, your water may take on a highly chlorinated taste and smell, due to the chemicals used to disinfect it and bring it up to standard.

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